Stone Sour Stun Supporting Ozzy Osbourne on No More Tours 2

Fans eagerly greeted Stone Sour with a roar as frontman Corey Taylor immediately went in to their first song “Taipei Person/Allah Tea” without any hesitation. The performances by Taylor, bassist Johny Chow, drummer Roy Mayorga, and guitarists Christian Martucci and Josh Rand stunned the audience with their energy. Immediately after their first song concluded, fans cheered as Taylor showered them with multiple water bottles. A pop of streamers set out over the crowd, blanketing the dark amphitheater in color.

Stone Sour certainly did not disappoint as they immediately went in to some newer songs off the album, Hydrograd, released just last year. From the very start, front man Corey Taylor packed a punch of energy to get the crowd going. Sparks and pyrotechnics accented the bands powerful performance of old and new songs alike. The band represented every era of their music, playing old favorites such as “Do Me Favor” along with the newer hit “Absolute Zero”. Midway through the set, Corey Taylor slowed things down for a few songs and picked up a guitar. The song “Bother” brought everyone to their feet donning lighters and phones, illuminating the amphitheater. The first few chords of the 2006 No. 1 Mainstream Rock hit “Through Glass” brought a wave of emotion over the crowd, as even fans unfamiliar with their other music began to sing along.

The band ended their set with the song “Fabuless” as wacky waving inflatable tube arm men erupted from the stage. The erratic movements of the colorful inflatables brought smiles to the crowd as they sang along one last time. As direct support for Ozzy Osbourne, the band rose to the occasion and put on a wonderful performance.

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