After learning about the shocking death of rock icon Chris Cornell on late Thursday night (May 17th), social media was taken over by the world expressing their love for the incredibly talented singer as well as their grief of his passing.  Stone Sour performed a cover of Soundgarden’s “Outshined” at the Rock On The Range Kick-Off Party lastnight at Express Live Theatre in Columbus, Ohio paying tribute to the legendary frontman Chris Cornell. It is known Soundgarden with Chris Cornell was supposed to headline Friday night’s Rock On The Range festival, but sadly due to the passing of their frontman Cornell, They will no longer be performing at the festival. Check out the video for Stone Sour performing this cover below.


“We lost a rock ‘n’ roll brother today. As you know, we lost Chris Cornell from Soundgarden today, sadly,He was one of my favorite singers, he was one of my favorite f–king all time songwriters and the fact that he is gone makes this world a little bit smaller. So one time, make some f–king noise for Chris Cornell, I had the pleasure of hanging out with him and he was honestly one of the coolest motherfuckers I had ever met in my fucking life, so we decided that we were going to pay a little tribute to Mr. Cornell tonight. We learned this song today. In fact, I’m not completely sure we’ve learned it, but God damn it, we’re going to give it our fucking best; I’m going to give my best. I’m no Chris Cornell, but God damn it, if you know the words, you fucking help us sing it. Are you ready?”said Corey Taylor.


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