Stick To Your Guns – Disobedient (Album Review)

Disobedient is the 5th studio album from melodic hardcore band, Stick To Your Guns. These days, it’s really hard from bands to do the melodic hardcore genre proper justice. It has to be a happy medium for it to work. Disobedient as a whole shows the band at the top of their game in almost a declaration of big guitars and confident vocals.The whole theme of the album centers around people not acknowledging the limits placed on them (whether internal or external) and transcending them. Produced by John Feldmann who has worked with bands like The Used and Story of the Year. The opening track, “It Starts With Me” harkens to a war cry – a beginning stage to a rebellion. Lead singer Jesse Barnett throughout the whole album effortlessly switches from melodic vocals to harsh, confronting unclean commands. Pure hardcore bands will gravitate toward “RMA (Revolutionary Mental), an under three minute crazy cavalcade of anger. 

Guitarists Chris Rawson and Josh James alternate with punch heavy rifts throughout the whole album. They are heavy, but inviting. STYG walks that fine line. “The Crown” might be one of the best songs on the album that shows the versatility. Clean vocals that lead you into the den and a huge breakdown lead by drummer George Schmitz – I predict that this song will be a very big one come their tour that kicks off in a couple weeks. “The War Inside” is a song along the same lines reiterating lyrics such as “Find the strength/pull the pin”. It’s a self help request, hardcore style. 

Rating 4/5: I’m extremely hesitant to give out high album reviews as I believe they are truly reserved for the top of the top. Disobedient not only supplants Stick To Your Guns as a solid band that is able to merge two genres, it bridges the gap between old fans and potential fans. It’s going to be a big year with a tour ready album that you can mosh and sing in the same realm. (you may want to choose either or action)

Review By: Murjani Rawls

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