Concluding ROCK ALLEGIANCE 2015, Steel Panther brought their raw, raunchy set to a Sold Out  beyond capacity tent stage with fans dressed in 80’s themed clothing and ready to rock out to finish out a day full of ROCK AND ROLL.  The Sold Out crowd was tired from their long day of music but now fully energized, eager, and ready for the profane, yet very humorous quartet reigning from Los Angeles, CA. The one and only STEEL PANTHER! Lead singer Michael Starr, bassist Lexxi Foxx, guitarist and backing vocals Satchel and drummer Stix Zadinia would not make their fans wait any longer. They hit the stage with a flash of light and with the beats of Iron Maiden’s track “The Number Of The Beast” made their way to the stage and opened up with the first track from their  album Feel The Steel, entitled “Eyes Of a Panther” followed by “Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)” which they taken some time to chat with and make jokes among each other and interact with the crowd and then entering into well-known single “Asian Hooker.” The guys needed a minute to catch their breath after the opening three-song assault and took a minute to introduce each member of the band to the audience, often insulting or bashing one another in the process as part of their comedy act that has grown to be just one of the highlights of a Steel Panther show. Steel Panther not only performs their music live but they also put on an incredibly humorous live performance and what feel like a live sitcom.

Instead of just being another 80’s cover band. Steel Panther, plays original songs with an over the top rock n’ roll parody approach to all the things we loved about 80’s hair metal bands. Their presentation is absolutely breathtaking, taking you back in time to where you feel as if you really are in the 80’s and giving the crowd everything they paid for from awesome rock music, to an incredibly talented comedy show between songs! Their crowd interaction is beyond belief they make every effort to allow the crowd to be apart of their set. Ending their set with “Death to all but Metal” before exiting the stage they gave thanks and appreciation to the sold out crowd in attendance whom gave Steel Panther another successful Philadelphia Sold Out show for the third time this year. As the stage lights dimmed and the crowd then began to give a standing ovation so loud it could be heard for miles. Steel Panther is definitely a show you want to get out and see if you like to be entertained with a nice comedic show along with pleasured by some incredible 80’s styled rock music! They definitely ended ROCK ALLEGIANCE on a very positive note with a very fun, entertaining and comedic set.


Photos & Review By: Andrew Wendowski Photography

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