STATIC & BEN EL Release Vibrant New Single “Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na) feat. Pitbull,” Making History as Saban Music Group’s First Label Release

As the New Year kicks off, the party is just getting started for talented pop duo, STATIC & BEN EL thanks to the release of their new single, ‘Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na)’. Produced by Ten Towns Duo Alvaro Rodriguez…


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Posted on January 12, 2020

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As the New Year kicks off, the party is just getting started for talented pop duo, STATIC & BEN EL thanks to the release of their new single, ‘Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na)’. Produced by Ten Towns Duo Alvaro Rodriguez & Troy Scott along with the group’s very own Yarden Peleg (Jordi).  This song is the latest addition to the artists’ repertoire and combines fast-paced rhythm, catchy lyrics and the talents of acclaimed worldwide star, Pitbull – elements that are sure to have everyone saying, “Excuse me, Mr. DJ!”

Popularly known as STATIC AND BEN EL, the group comprised by singers Leeraz Russo (Static) and Ben El Tavori (Ben El), along with the production guidance of Yarden Peleg (Jordi), are no strangers to the music industry. Their passion for music sparked from a young age – Static began wowing audiences in Israeli musical festivals at only 15 years of age and Ben El showcased a love for music that undoubtedly runs through his veins. Son of legendary Israeli singer, Shimshon “Shimi” Tavori and Israeli model Aviva Azulai, he began singing alongside his father at the age of 14. Their innate talent, coupled with talented musical producer, Yarden Peleg (aka Jordi), has allowed STATIC AND BEN EL to leave a deep impression on the international stage.

2017 proved to be a breakthrough year for the musicians, as they took home the ACUM Award for “Song, Band and Breakthrough Artists of the Year”. In addition, they’ve also been regular judges for the past four seasons on the popular televised Eurovision singing competition

Most notably, in July of last year, the duo reached new heights as thousands gathered in Tel Aviv for the Coca-Cola WOW Festival. On a star-studded night, the hometown artists combined on stage with reggaeton superstar J. Balvin to perform their worldwide hit, ‘Tudo Bom’. The original track has harvested over 59 million views on YouTube while their account to date has surpassed a record-whopping 433.3 million views, becoming the most watched Israeli video in history.

‘Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na)’ has become the latest addition to the group’s eclectic collection, which already boasts Jamaican and Hindu themes in ‘Namaste’, a throwback to the 1950’s in ‘Zahav’ and a Brazilian vibe in ‘Tudo Bom’. From the onset, the song captivates listeners thanks to its energy and vibrant melody. To top it off, the duo combines perfectly with gifted singer/songwriter, Pitbull, to give this single a definite seal of approval.

Commonly known as “Mr. 305” or “Mr. Worldwide”, Pitbull has cemented his global legacy thanks smash hits like “Culo”, “I know you want me”, “Time of Our Lives” and “Hey Baby”. The Miami native rose to fame in the early 2000’s and has since collaborated with some of the world’s most celebrated artists, including: Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Marc AnthonyRicky Martin and Enrique Iglesias.

Now under the umbrella of Saban Music Group (SMG), STATIC and BEN EL has brought their flashy style to U.S. audiences and partnered with some of the most creative minds in the industry. The company, led by the keen eye of music pioneer Haim Saban, has fostered up and coming musical talent and STATIC and BEN EL has definitely not disappointed since their 2018 signing. After making history in becoming SMG’s first label release, the duo is again pushing the envelope with Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na) in hopes of lighting up the dance floors across the globe.

Saban Music Group LLC (SMG) is a global music entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California. SMG was founded in 2019 by Haim Saban, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saban Capital Group LLC and a worldwide pioneer and leader in the entertainment industry. SMG captures the globalization of music by identifying, signing and developing artists with international appeal. The company operates in a number of pillars including recorded music, publishing, touring, management and acquisitions.

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