Starveya Release “Let You In”

Starveya (Aaron Martinez, Desi Martinez, and Kenny Lockwood) is a Los Angeles-based indie rock/alternative band who just returned to the scene with their new single, “Let You In.” Listening to the track along with some of their other songs, the band’s overall sound is best described as a blend of classic rock songs from late 1960’s mixed with a touch of a heavier grunge from the 1990’s, with a psychedelic twist.

With lyrics like, “And I want to let you know / What it is I feel when I am lost inside your mind,” and “I’ve never felt this way before / But my dreams were so much more,” “Let You In” seems like a love song. But according to the band, “Let You In” is sort of an anti love song, loosely about love and relationships.

It’s “not so much about a love lost, as it is about a love that never was. Or never was what you thought it to be or dreamt it to be,” says Starveya.

The mood starts to make more sense as we kept listening to the track, as the band sings, “And I can’t heal the wounds that you deny / And I can’t dry the tears behind your eyes.” It’s in that moment where the listener realizes that maybe things aren’t going as well as we thought it was for the characters in this song’s story.

Thankfully, the band dug deep into what a few more of their lyrics mean, which is awesome! We focus a lot on lyrics when it comes to music, so it was cool to find a band that described why they wrote what they did. Below are a few more lines from the song, along with what it means to the band.

“I never felt this way before but my dreams were so much more.”

When we are young, love is a concept we don’t fully understand and is often driven by impulses, physical attraction, ego and other things that are not conducive to a lasting relationship. So as we get older and mature, we can grow apart from a person because the relationship you had with that person was not built on a secure foundation.

“Couldn’t tell a soul what lies within / But somehow I can only let you in.” 

Refers to the fear of opening up to someone and never fully being able to let them truly know you, but somehow still letting that person into your life, and becoming a part of your story for such a significant amount of time.

“And so I walk this endless land / Leave my footprints in the sand until I return again.”

The endless land could be a metaphor for love and the uncertainty while you’re in it. But as I’m on my way out of that place, all I can do is leave a mark or change on that person, whether it be good or bad. Hence, “leave my footprints.” You take with you whatever lessons you’ve learned from the experience until the next time you return to that place, hopefully wiser than you were before. I think the ambient and tranquil vibe of the music is an expression of the way I feel about letting go and moving on. Although it may be a bit sad, I’m not distressed, angry, or putting up a fight or longing for things to be what they were. There is a sense of acceptance as I move on. I am at peace with it.      

Starveya is currently in the studio working on their upcoming full-length album Abandon All Muses, which is set to be released in 2021.

Till then, you can listen to “Let You In” below:

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