Starting the year off right with Stone Sour & Pop Evil!!!

Starting the year off right with Stone Sour & Pop Evil!!!2014: This year started off very slow with no shows to photograph & or review. So what a better way to start off 2014 then at a SOLD OUT show with a group of awesome bands (Stone Sour, Pop Evil, & Stolen Babies) at The Theatre Of The Living Arts.  As not only a fan but avid concert goer/photographer, I personally love a SOLD OUT show as it, not only gets the bands more pumped up to play but they put on an even better show seeing that there is a SOLD OUT crowd of fans filling the venue to watch their performances.

The show started at around 7:45 pm with opening band the Los Angeles-based experimental rock, post-everything unit ”Stolen Babies”, They had a very unique stage set up with a skeleton hanging from a pole on the far left of the stage, & what appeared to be a burning empty keg hanging on a chain, that Dominique Lenore Persi (vocals, accordion, keg drum) used as her drum multiple times throughout their 7 song setlist. They were definitely an original/unique band with their own sound, they were really great & put on a cool upbeat performance as they really only had about 25-30 minutes to perform.

Introduced by 933 WMMR’s own Brent Porche & Sean “The Rabbi” Tyszler was an American rock band that was formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan “Pop Evil” they came onto stage with a BANG from their drummer Chachi Riot, who plays those drums like he was born to as he makes very strange faces while drumming he is one of the band mates you want to watch during their 9 song setlist.

Along with their very Photogenic vocalist Leigh Kakaty who did his best to give us photographer the shot we need. The band obviously had much of the same following as Stone Sour as the crowd was going wild during Pop Evil’s set with the crowds feet barely touching the ground during their jumping set. I hope to photograph & see this band again live as they put on a very energetic set with instruments & drumsticks swinging throughout the air. They got the crowds ready for the headlining band “Stone Sour” who was up next. 

Up next was the 5 piece metal band from Roadrunner Records, “Stone Sour” who came on stage with a very smokey & BRIGHT set as the crowd chanted the bands name “STONE SOUR”. First on the stage was Roy Mayorga (Drums), Shawn Economaki (Bass), Christian Martucci (Guest Guitarist – as James Root could not be on this tour due to writing new Slipknot Material), Josh Rand (Guitar), then vocalist Corey Taylor then the crowd exploded with cheers while jumping making the entire venue shake! Corey began their 18 song setlist with a huge smile. The lighting during their set was absolutely amazing not one second of their set was their bad lighting, which made for ALOT of awesome photos. Multiple times throughout Stone Sour’s set Corey ran side stage & got bottled water he would take a sip of then soak the crowd with the rest & then throw the bottle into the crowd. Stone sour put on an amazing show with a mixture of their music from new to older songs, which was great for all their long time fans that attended this SOLD OUT show. 

First show of 2014 was definitely a major success & Music Mayhem cannot wait to share all the other concert reviews & photos we have to come this year. Stay tuned for more shows to come! 


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