On his first run on his own, Spencer Sutherland was selling out the Mercury Lounge in Bowery. This time, on his first full cross-country headlining tour, he has upgraded to the Knitting Factory, a venue staple for any artist on the come-up. Spencer has consistently been the sort of musician that will amaze any crowd with not just his raw energy, but his amazing talent.

He’s the type that leaves you in awe as you think “he shouldn’t be the next big thing… he should be the thing right now.” It’s not Sutherland’s goal to blow up with one hit. “I consider myself sort of like a longer game artist. I don’t really wanna have one song that blows up and be done. I want to be doing this for the rest of my life,” he says.

His focus is on being the best version of himself and putting out music that’s real to him. He commented, “I think I’ll continue to evolve, but I think I’ve finally found the honest, authentic sound with lyrics melodies, but also production stuff that I personally love.”

Spencer’s show was electric from the moment he stepped on stage to the moment he left with a roaring applause. He has control over his audience in a way that not many performers are able to manage. Spencer is able to carry the crowd and keep them engaged throughout a powerful set of warmth and an overall feeling of “home.”

Fans seem to take to Spencer in such a real way. Sutherland remarked that he has his own “unique story that nobody else has.” His willingness to share his story through his music every night on stage is what has allowed him to create such a real connection with fans. Looking out at the crowd at a Spencer Sutherland show, it becomes very obvious that everyone there finds a sense of belonging and is able to set their worries aside even if it is just for one night.

Sutherland feels this connection with his fans, too, and is always quick to emphasize how important each individual fan is to him. In fact, one of his favorites parts of tour is having fans sing back his lyrics to him… and of course meeting the fans face to face in real time.

Largely, his audience was dominated by young women. “It’s a really powerful time for women,” he said. “Even though I’m a man, I can sort of help them find their confidence.” Spencer’s genuine care can be exhibited in the way he fights for his fans in all aspects of his career. In fact, Spencer advocated for his team for a venue change during his tour to ensure more his fans were able to come out to the show (since the venue didn’t allow underage guests). He made it his own priority to be the voice for his fanbase, a step not many artists would take the time to do.

At the end of the night, Spencer left the stage and immediately his presence was missed. There’s a buzz that comes from any Spencer Sutherland show and that night in Brooklyn was no different. His real, raw vocals and amazing music talent was the pillar that holds him up. Everything about Spencer makes him an artist that you need to get to know.

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