Slipknot & Marilyn Manson unleash the Devil in New Jersey

Slipknot & Marilyn Manson Summer Tour hit the BB&T Pavilion on July 27th, 2016 in Camden, NJ and brought along special guests Of Mice & Men. Combining two rock heavyweights in one show brings a massive nearly sold out crowd to BB&T…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on August 1, 2016

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Slipknot & Marilyn Manson 2016Slipknot & Marilyn Manson Summer Tour hit the BB&T Pavilion on July 27th, 2016 in Camden, NJ and brought along special guests Of Mice & Men. Combining two rock heavyweights in one show brings a massive nearly sold out crowd to BB&T Pavilion on Saturday.  Launching the evening of incredible music was Of Mice & Men a band that is rapidly gaining a massive fan base and puts on an incredible show filled with some heavy rock music. Getting the crowd warmed up for Manson with their brief but fulfilling set filled with all their best and fans favorite songs from their latest album, Restoring Force but also including their new material from their upcoming new album, Cold World (Available on September 9th via Rise Records)Marilyn Manson entering a haunting dark stage with a white backdrop full of demonic crosses, then as Manson appeared from a cloud of smoke filling the stage. Launching right into “Angel With The Scabbed Wing” as he was illuminated by bright white lights making it hard to see him as he is very pale, note why he is called the Pale Emperor. Throwing bags of Manson Money into the crowd throughout his set as well as dusting the fans with red and blue paint powder which the fans seemed to love. Filling his set with hit after hit and including theatrics like an overwhelming at times amount of fog, cool lights that fit each song, even decorating the sides of the stage with custom stained glassed church like windows. The backdrop nearing the end of his set was a Manson Money bill with Manson’s face filling it, and during the classic “Antichrist Superstar”, his signature iconic ‘down-arrow’ podium came out as Manson climbed all over it as he burned a bible and threw it across the stage as well as ‘down-arrow’ scrims filled the backdrop. He performed the entirety of the Eurythmics’ cover “Sweet Dreams” high up above Twiggy Ramirez on bass as Manson was present on stilts. Manson’s set consisted of Devil Worshipping, Bible-burning, stilt walking, paint throwing, a variety of microphones including one with a knife and one with brass knuckles, with a rifle mic stand and for the encore “The Beautiful People” which included $666 Manson Money confetti flooding the floors as Manson jumped into the front row, singing his biggest hit with whoever would have the ability to grab his mic and sing along with him before his exit as he mooned the crowd. Slipknot then taking the stage as their logo filled curtain pulled aside, for their about 2 hour long 18 song set. Playing hit after hit Slipknot gave the fans everything and almost every song they wanted to hear. As the curtains were pulled back it presented a video of burning mannequins playing in the background as each of the nine band members slowly creeped onto the stage in their trademarked masks and exploded right into “The Negative One” off of their most recent release .5: The Gray Chapter which the crowd went absolutely crazy for. As they performed “The Negative One,” a video showed a demonic woman playing with a couple decapitated goat heads. The videos being played behind Slipknot as the performed could be considered gross by many but it was so fitting for each of their songs and their fans who are known as Maggots loved it. The videos consisting of praying mantises devouring bees, GoPro footage of scorpions, maggots on festering old wounds and, more. Slipknot’s stage setup is always intense and their production is always next level putting on one hell of a show. Nearing the end of their set they dedicated “The Devil In I” to a 5 year old girl named Lainey who Corey says “Suffers of cancer and listens to this song after each of her treatments.” At the end of their set during the song “SPIT IT OUT” Corey requested the crowd to go absolutely nuts and jump after telling them to sit down until he says jump the fuck up as doctor’s ordered him to only jump once per night he saves it for this moment. As they ended their set with “Spit It Out,” Corey Taylor stated, “We have been coming to this area for a very long time, You guys have made us feel like we are from here. I sincerely hope that you have had as much fun as we had. We have been a band for 17 fucking years and you are all considered family.” Never miss a Slipknot show they always put on an incredible set and mindblowing productions. Check out their upcoming tour dates here: out our gallery of Slipknot & Marilyn Manson from our photographer, Andrew Wendowski.

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