Sleeping With Sirens – MADNESS (Album Review)

Sleeping with Sirens - MADNESS

Sleeping With Sirens ( released Madness, their forthcoming studio album & major label debut (Epitaph) which dropped today March 17th, 2015 via Epitaph Records, not only is it their most impressive and most impactful album yet but also their most matured sound yet. Lyrics filling the album with very empowering and positive messages along with very sing-along choruses. The album has a very large meaning behind it which speaks directly to the youth and others who were told they’ll never amount to anything. Madness sums up frontman Kellin Quinn’s life, as he said in a recent interview “It’s always chaotic and madness just being caught in the middle of it and figuring our who you are in the midst of all the craziness”. The hype leading up to this album only made the album even more worth listening to, as Sleeping With Sirens stated in recent interviews “This is a very important album for us” which you can hear within the music as its matured a lot in sound and musicianship. You can hear within Kellin’s vocals that he has become more confident with his unique vocal range and he isn’t afraid to really show his talent within his one of a kind voice on this record, his voice a subtle delicate tenor that has become one of the band’s defining sounds. It’s clear the band has teamed with producer John Feldmann (5SOS, P!ATD, The Used) to reinvent their sound around Kellin’s unique characteristics/vocals, and the result is a modern pop-rock record full of radio-friendly songs, which promises to launch the band towards their well deserved mainstream stardom with the singles released already topping the Billboard charts. As their Facebook page states they cannot be put into a genre cause their sound is ever-changing how they want it to so they want to be categorize as “EPIC” as their genre. 

Madness starts off very high-strung with “Kick Me” & “Go Go Go”, two very animated tracks which show their new direction in sound but includes some elements of their old sound. Going into the third song “Gold” which is a very catchy song with a chorus that grasps your attention and it will having you singing along with it in no time, from the moment you hear it you will instantly become attached. “Save Me A Spark” coming in a more pop-rock melody and softer vocals which shows their new unique yet very catchy sound which you can hear more in this new album, Madness. “Fly” starts off with a beautifully done drum beat and acoustic guitar melodies then building up the chorus that transforms into an electric guitar melody from Nick Martin, with help from Justin Hills, & Jack Fowler and with light drumming from Gabe Barham in the background, with Kellin Quinn’s vocals truly complimenting this tune, as anyone can be seen tapping along to it. Lyrically, “Fly” this song grasps on to the message of letting go of the past in order to fix yourself.  “The Strays” starts off with a light acoustic guitar and soft melody before turning into a solid alternative rock sound. The lyrics in this song particular speak to those who weren’t raised and raised themselves as Kellin states “I was born but I wasn’t raised” & “My whole life they said i’d be nothing but I’m something” which pretty much sums up this album and this album proves not only Kellin being something but Sleeping With Sirens being something HUGE! Also telling everyone to believe in themselves rather then relying on other people to make you feel it. “Left Alone” more of a unique song lyrically speaking in a sense to say somethings are better left alone without going to deep into it, Musically speaking it has more of a pop feel to it but the instrumentalists really complimenting the vocal range of their vocalist. “Better Off Dead” has a even more catchy chorus speaking directly to those who are often to scared to share how they feel with people sometimes saying their better off dead which is what this song speaks directly about. “We Like It Loud” is an example that they haven’t completely gotten rid of their post-hardcore roots along with other songs on this album like “Better Off Dead” & “Don’t Say Anything” along with “Parasites” if you purchased their deluxe version of the album. Slowing it down for a more acoustic sounding song “Heroine” which is a very mellow song for most of the song except for the heavy unforgettable tune and lyrics in the chorus of the song which is “Heroine, The sweetest sin I cant seem to get enough, pull me under wake me up feel the rush, morphine lover make me numb make it so I cant get up. paper thin till you sink in, could you be my heroine?”. “November” a very slow song with a ton of meaning behind it which you can hear within the lyrics “No more living with my fears cause I gave them all away” & “There is a fire in this November sky, Burning up Burning up, They’ll remember me tonight”. “Madness” the title track off the new album which clearly explains the madness of life in general “Sometimes it’s a battle at times it’s a war, but you’re never defenseless but sometimes we all loose strength but please don’t loose your faith”. Ending out the regular album with “Don’t Say Anything” which Kellin stated in an interview is about “is about being on tour, talking to your girl on the phone, and her being like, “Why are you up at two in the morning? Why aren’t you bed? What are you doing?, It’s that type of vibe”. which everyone goes through rather it be with your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, we all deal with it and the best thing to do is not to say anything if you think it’ll cause a problem or just isn’t good to say. On their deluxe edition of the album they have two additional songs “Parasites” & “2 Chord” starting with “Parasites” I would say that song takes them back to their post-hardcore roots (screaming & heavier music) also welcoming some of their new sound elements which is welcoming the pop-rock feel into the song and “2 Chord” is more of a mellow acoustic styled song in which Kellin again shows his uniqueness within his falsetto vocal range that allows him to put out something different within the music as his voice is really a one of kind voice from a male vocalist. 

5/5: This record will unavoidably turn away some of Sleeping With Sirens’ fan base, but for every old fan that walks away, There will be many new ones ready to take their place. Embrace the MADNESS which is this incredible new Sleeping with Sirens album. Don’t let the MADNESS of the angry fans who “don’t like it” turn you away, give it a chance and I can bet you will love the album and be singing along within minutes! I believe this album is the chart topper and a game changing album for SWS, in which will boost Sleeping with Sirens popularity even more then they have been gaining throughout their time on The World Tour which has been a nearly 100% sold out co-headlining arena-tour. I believe this album is the album where Sleeping with Sirens has finally found “their sound” and are embracing it 100%, I like their new sound direction Its a great feel and melodies which truley compliment the unique voice from their vocalist along with their unique instrumentals. Pick up this album now: 

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