Sleeping With Sirens – FLY (Song Review)

“Fly” is one of the latest song releases from Sleeping with Sirens, off of their fourth studio album Madness which is being released on March 17th. The track was released on iTunes on March 8, 2015 with a video to accompany it on Epitaph Records YouTube for those who do not have iTunes. The song starts off with a beautiful drum and acoustic guitar melody then building up the chorus transforms into an electric guitar melody with light drumming in the background, with Kellin Quinn’s vocals truly complimenting this tune, as anyone can be seen tapping along to it. Lyrically, this song grasps on to the message of letting go of the past in order to fix yourself. That can be seen in the lyrics “I wanna fly, I’m ready to burn down all these walls I’ve been building up side. I wanna fly, and put back all these pieces of this broken heart tonight”. Overall, though this song is definitely different from Sleeping With Sirens’ older music, love this new musical direction. Looking forward to Madness being released via Epitaph Records.

5/5 – This song is not only beautifully composed musically but also lyrically, I feel like this would be a hit on the radio. The chorus is the big build-up which can get caught in anyone’s head. I could also see this song being at the end credits of a movie, it just seems like it’d fit. With more where this comes from, who knows what we’re in store for next! Lookout for the release of SWS new album being released on March 17th, 2015! Preorder it now, Links below! 

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