Sleeping With Sirens brought their End The Madness Tour into Philadelphia’s newest and hottest venue, The Fillmore on November 13th. Bringing along special guests State Champs, Tonight Alive, and Waterparks. Naming the tour perfectly not only for the end of their touring cycle on their latest album MADNESS, but also perfect for the madness going on in the world now with all the political nonsense and such the tour title is only fitting.
Sleeping With Sirens hit the stage with their explosive single “Do It Now Remember It Later” off their second studio album, Lets Cheers To This; making for an extraordinary crowd response, everyone went crazy as this is a fan favorite. Not wasting anytime before going into another banger that they do not play live much, “The Bomb Dot Com.”  The Fillmore then shaking as the crowds overwhelming screams deafened. I have seen these guys start playing in a small church in Philadelphia that holds about 100 people to now playing nearly sold out arenas like The Liacouras Center which holds about 10,000 people and now The Fillmore. Sleeping With Sirens have done nothing but grow as not only musicians but also a rapidly growing very loyal fanbase over the years. With their energy and crowd interaction it’s no wonder these guys have such a solid and fast-expanding fan base. The crowd singing their songs, mimicking their actions and reaching across the barriers just to get closer to the band they love. Sleeping With Sirens performed with such a great energy, using all of the space on stage, running and jumping off their risers, Kellin Quinn even talking to some of the people in the crowd over his mic. One of the most captivating aspects of their performance was the band’s friendship on stage; The members would often play back to back, make faces towards each other, and they were obviously having a blast while giving the fans the show they all want to see. Sleeping With Sirens, as a whole, showed that it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality when performing live. They put on an incredible show and all their vocals and instrumentals were beyond flawless. Kellin Quinn’s vocals sounded better than I’ve ever heard as they reached tasteful highs and powerful intensity filled lows and Kellin’s high falsetto, matched with a power-punk scream, is the definitive characteristic for the SWS’s unique sound while also at the same time each song could become a soundtrack/anthem to someones life as many of the lyrics connect deeply with their fans. Almost every song put out by Sleeping with Sirens is anthem like, with their very catchy lyrics and talent filled sound. Their 16 song setlist filled with a wide variety of songs from their newest album Madness, to their second album, Lets Cheers To This ending their extremely forceful set with “If You Can’t Hang” off that album. A notable point during their set was when they played “Dead Walker Texas Ranger” which ignited the crowd into their energetic, moshing, crazy ways. Production on this tour is beyond phenomenal with the brightly lit stage, with a unique lighted gate and screens that at times illuminated showing the bands faces just as they are shown on the cover of Madness. One of their best productions I have ever seen, Sleeping With Sirens is conquering their scene with one of the largest fan bases within it.  At times throughout their set you could barley hear Kellin’s vocals or the rest of the bands instruments over the mindblowing loud SWS fans deafening screams as they belted the lyrics right back at the band.  The very impressive musicianship, The incredible production, The amazing talent, The Large Venue, The Interactions, All are reasons why you need to see Sleeping With Sirens Live. Regardless if its their headlining tours or when they co-headliner or direct support any tours in the future.
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