SLAYER shows they are REPENTLESS at The SOLD OUT Fillmore Philadelphia

SLAYER came to Philadelphia’s Fillmore promoting their newest album, REPENTLESS; Featuring opening bands Testament & Carcass. It was a night full of heavy metal rock music and with these three killer bands on the lineup you were sure to have your face scorched by the fierceness of this heavy metal event. They released their newest album, Surgical Steel back in 2012 but are still out promoting the album on this SLAYER tour. Their album artwork which consists of surgical tools mixed with regular tools like hammers, etc which was very visible on their backdrop and scrims which hosted their album artwork. Carcass came onstage to a recorded version of “1985” playing over the P.A. The band’s mainstay members, vocalist/bassist Jeff Walker and guitarist Bill Steer emerged behind the much-younger recent additions to the band, guitarist Ben Ash and drummer Daniel Wilding. They immediately lit into an uninterrupted series of songs, mostly from Surgical Steel, pausing only long enough for Jeff Walker to greet the crowd. Their set was an incredibly amount of controlled chaos in the brief 35 minutes they played. TESTAMENT played next,  They added a nice mood setting for their set by having incense burning at the edge of the stage, which I have never really seen at a show before but the crowd seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed, I personally hate the smell of most incense, *laughs*. Testament is a thrash metal band from Berkeley, California, and they have been wildly popular in the thrash scene since their inception in 1983. They have seen a lot of changes throughout the years, but Testament has been incredibly going strong for 33 years now and their fans are continuing to grow and come out and see them. Their sound is very unique and their stage presence is incredible each member of the band puts on a show for the fans in their own unique way. Definitley a great direct support option getting the crowd amped for SLAYER! SLAYER taking the stage next; As their logo vibrantly illuminated upon a big white cloth sheilding the stage from viewing the band takes the stage and fans go crazy as the cloth drops to the floor and the band is now in full view as the crowd erupts into loud roars. Slayer is one of the biggest names in thrash metal, and they have been around since 1981, forming a whopping 34 years ago in California. From the start of the show to the end of the show it was non-stop intense metal and chaos ensued throughout every song. They didn’t miss a beat, and the enthusiasm, energy and adrenaline of the crowd was contagious. They flawlessly cranked out some old tunes such as “Angel of Death” and “Payback” and also played a few new ones off of their newest album, Repentless, which is their 12th studio album that came out in September of 2015. Each member of the band has their own image and puts on a crazy show and the fans expect it at each show, Kerry King and his signature chains hanging from his waist shredding, Tom Araya with his flawless vocals, Gary Holt shredding, and Paul Bostaph banging the fuck out of the drums. Their stage setup very cool, with a unique backdrop always fitting in the upside down crosses and their incredible fog machines, and blood red lights mixed with very colorful lighting which only make their show much better to watch. 

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