Beautiful DeathSlaves’ third studio album was released on February 16th, 2018 (via SBG Records). Prior to the release of the album, the band released three singles which were “True Colors”, “I’d Rather See Your Star Explode”, and “Patience is the Virtue”. Despite some setbacks with their lineup and being dropped from their previous label Artery Recordings, patience proved to be a virtue for fans that have been waiting over a year for the record to be released. Beautiful Death is composed of many personal and detrimental experiences with a heavy emphasis on past sorrows, heartbreaks, and people’s perceptions, making for an emotionally poignant album. Slaves is back and better than ever, placing their foot down with confidence. Fans are taken on an emotional adventure, almost reliving the stories as sang by Jonny Craig.

I’d Rather See Your Star Explode” certainly didn’t let fans down with the first single on the record that was originally released on January 16th, 2017 alongside an energetic live music video. Jonny Craig’s tenacious voice, catchy chorus hooks, and fun dance beats shine, making for a marvelous introductory song that welcomes the rest of the tracks. “True Colors” is another single that was released on November 16th, 2017 alongside a glitchy lyric video featuring Jonny Craig’s quivering voice accompanied by groovy guitars that build up to an explosive chorus. Songs like “Let This Haunt You” have fitting samples giving off a certainly “haunting” vibe seem to be directed at a single individual. The “Tell me all the reasons you treat me this way when you’re feeling low” chorus is extremely impactful to those who have been in previous toxic relationships. Some tracks on the album particularly stand out like “Petty Trappin’” and “Patience is the Virtue” giving fans a little extra something by being reflective about other people’s’ perceptions of the lead singer.

The songs feature hints of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Trap influences. The pre-chorus in “Petty Trappin’” is favored by mysterious sounding bell samples as Craig sings “Ain’t nobody doing me like that”. Jonny showcases his variety of vocal styles. The singer finishes off the song with powerful cascading vocals and spine-shivering high notes. “Patience is the Virtue” begins slightly slower than the rest on the album and also features a simple lyric video. The trap-like instruments gradually build up to Jonny’s melodic, smooth, and soft voice making way for a rap-like verse. The “Stuck in a place that I can’t call home” verse contains personal and revealing content about Jonny’s struggles and obstacles that come with his success.

The lead singer’s signature raspy vocal esthetic is seen in “I Know a Lot of Artists,” which was released on January 25th, 2018. Craig showcases his aspirate tone and belting highs over a guitar and bass heavy beat. “Deadly Conversations” is a little lighter in instrumentals and more repetitive in vocals, making for a great and catchy radio-friendly track. “Back to the Roots” picks up the pace with steady percussions and the soulful voice of Jonny Craig. “Warning From My Demons” is another heartfelt track. The groovy guitars make for a fun song despite the extremely personal lyrical content. “The Pact” closes off the album phenomenally. The song has a visually appealing music video that was released on February 16th, 2018. Fans are able to better view the pure emotion and real feels Craig places in his singing throughout the captivating music video. The powerful ballad is instrumentally simple yet displays passion, confidence, honesty, and bravery with Jonny’s belting high notes.

Jonny Craig focuses on varying his range of vocals with R&B inspiration that seamlessly blend with the rock elements. The ear catching instrumentals paired with the soulful vocals and falsettos balance well together, creating a cohesive set of tracks. The album is Slaves’ best and most impressive to date with its consistency in lyrical content, tonality, instrumentals; containing just the right amount of variety. Beautiful Death is full of energy, pure emotion, and brutally honest lyrical content. The intense and sincere content makes for a heartfelt album that resonates with fans. The sounds on the album differ very little than that of live show ones, which deserves recognition for the band. Don’t sleep on Beautiful Death and make sure to check out Slaves on their Album Release Tour with Ghost Town, Day Shell, and Kyle Lucas.

Check out Slaves’ newest music video for “The Pact” below:

YouTube video

Listen to: I’d Rather See Your Star Explode, True Colors, Let This Haunt You, I Know a Lot of Artists and The Pact.
Music Mayhem Rating: 5 out of 5.

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