SLAVES- Starving For Friends Feat. Vic Fuentes (Song Review)

Slaves (jonny craig band) starving for friends song review“Starving for Friends” is the third and latest single from Jonny Craig’s new band SLAVES. The official lyric video was released May 27th via Artery Recording YouTube channel. Front man Jonny Craig took to Twitter May 26th to not only promote the new track, but to state the song is an apology to all of those he had wronged in the past. “This song goes out to anyone I have ever done a tour with and hurt. This is a song for my friends in bands. I wasn’t myself please forgive me…”  “This means everyone I was ever a douche too. @austincarlile @youngfuego @TylerCarter4L @ptvmike @ptvjaime.. anyone. I just wanna say sorry.” It’s an incredibly emotional song, you can tell how much Craig poured out his heart and soul into it. The lyrics resonate true to his words. “Can’t we let it go? Will we ever let it go, will we ever let it go? I feel the only way to let go is to say ‘I’m sorry’”, “It’s plain and simple. I don’t know what I was thinking. I miss my friends. The ones I would die for.”  

Vic Fuentes’ vocals shine through amazingly on this track. His and Craig’s voices compliment each others in such a way I can’t put it in words. That, my friends, is harmony. 

Rating 4.5/5 easily. This song is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. It takes a real man to apologize for his actions. And lets face it, Jonny Craig has had his share of major screw ups. This is just one of the most amazing things someone can do in my book, because it takes balls to first off acknowledge where you did wrong and then go to who you hurt and apologize. This went way beyond that and I sincerely hope and pray that Jonny keeps doing what he’s doing. Not only it is amazing on his end, but it’s a very relatable thing. Like 99% of people have screwed up a friendship somehow. When a majority of your fanbase; young or old, new or been there since day one; can relate to a track on a personal level, you’re doing something right. 

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