SiXX:A.M. Rise to the top with Prayers For The Damned at Rock’n Derby 2016

On Sunday, May 22nd, SiXX: A.M. played an enthusiastic energy driven set. SiXX: A.M. consists of Nikki Sixx, James Michael, & Dj Ashba. However they have now added some excellent new talent to the band that is drummer Dustin Steinke and backing vocalists Melissa Harding and Amber Vanbuskirk. Melissa & Amber’s soaring vocals backing James Michael’s blend together so beautifully and are strongly present in SiXX: A.M.’s latest album, Prayers For The Damned. The album that is guaranteed to bring some massive success for the band with James Michael’s flawless vocals, dramatic haunting backing vocals from Melissa & Amber, Heart throbbing sharp riffs from Nikki Sixx’s Bass, the extraordinarily epic guitar solo’s from Dj Ashba and the pounding of Dustin Steinke’s Pearl drumkit. Beginning their 8 song set with the title track off their second studio album, This Is Gonna Hurt. There was a restless energy in the crowd, who were clearly anxious to see SiXX: A.M. It’s a testament to the band’s appeal that they have such a strong and passionate fan base behind them. SiXX: A.M.’s dedication to the fans is breathtaking, and you can see that on and off the stage through social media, their acoustic 2 song set that they call #SixxAmHitAndRun after shows, giving a passionate and energy filled set, etc..Then going into their uplifting and catchy hit single “Rise” also off their newest album Prayers For The Damned, while the audience stayed off their feet and sang along, as lead singer James Michael led the way by punctuating the song’s familiar “Rise! Rise!” chorus with fist pumps into the air. There was a sea of camera phones taking photos and video, and the energy of the crowd had changed from anxiousness to sheer excitement. They have come to see a high octane rock show, and they were getting that and much more. Then going into another single off Prayers For The Damned titled “When We Were Gods” which is another banger on the record with shredding and one of the best guitar solo’s you will ever hear from DJ Ashba. Taking us on deeper into the new record with a heavy hitter “Everything Went To Hell” and playing the title track “Prayers For The Damned” before taking us back to some classic Sixx:A.M. tunes “Lies Of The Beautiful People” and taking us back nearly 10 years to a song titled “Life Is Beautiful” off their debut studio album The Heroine Diaries Soundtrack. Also including a Modern Vintage song in the setlist “Stars.” The energy, passion, and dedication to music that Sixx:A.M. brings to the stage is impactful and heavily present within their stage performance. Sixx: A.M. is a band you need to see live, they give their all on the stage and are rising to the top with their latest album, Prayers For The Damned Vol.1. This is a band that’s live performance is often better then their recorded album. Their encouraging and empowering music is forceful while also having a haunting dramatic feel to them. The interaction between the band and the fans live is something many bands do not do even at times having DJ Ashba playing a guitar solo on the barricade at Rock’n Derby 2016. Pick up their new album today: on iTunes and then grab some tickets for an upcoming tour date:

Check out our exclusive photo gallery from the their Rock’n Derby Festival performance in Schaghticoke, New York:

Photos By: Andrew Wendowski Photography

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