SixForty1; Photo Courtesy of KTCHN
SixForty1; Photo Courtesy of KTCHN

SixForty1 Debuts New Pandemic-Inspired Song “Get Gone”

SixForty1 debuted their pandemic-inspired new song “Get Gone” on Friday, August 21.

“Get Gone” was co-written by the duo (Austin Gee, Brooks Hoffman) alongside Matt Geroux and Aaron Scherz, produced by Gee, Brooks and Brandon Day. Written during quarantine, The breezy, summertime jam is inspired by the current state of the world with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The song finds the duo returning to their country roots while inviting fans on a road trip to escape from the current state of the world and get gone, no matter where the trip takes them.

“Sometimes I feel like I just gotta go hit the road / cruise down that two lane / I don’t even care where it goes / And roll those windows down / play that FM loud / turn the worries off while I’m rolling on / no better place to get then gone,” the duo sings in the chorus.

“When we were in the writing room the day we wrote it, we all kinda knew what message we wanted to get across. We wanted a song that would help the listener escape just like we were doing in the room,” said Gee. “It was a really fun song to see come together.”

Gee says their buddy Aaron said, “‘I want to get gone. There’s no better place to get than gone.’ It was pretty easy from that point on. We’re bringing out our country roots with this one, so we’re excited to see how our fans will take it all in.”

The song follows the release of their latest single “Forget Those Heels” and “Somebody’s Gonna” which were both released earlier in the year. These tracks follow SixForty1’s 2019 releases “Next Kiss,” “Plane Crazy” and the double A-Side single release of “Show You Around” and “I Get That.” And even though the duo has yet to release an album, they have already begun to create quite a buzz with their catchy choruses and anthemic sound.

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