Simple Plan Celebrate 15 Years of No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls in Philadelphia

Canadian pop-punk band, Simple Plan made their way into Philadelphia’s nearly sold out Fillmore on Tuesday, March 28th to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut album, No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls. This is the album that launched Simple Plan into a double platinum selling band selling more then 2 million of this record, which made them into a household name in the early 2000’s. This album undoubtedly has a song on it that every single person has heard at least once if they listen to the radio as multiple of these songs still flood the airwaves. No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls includes 4 singles, all of which debuted in Billboard’s Top 100 charts including “I’m Just A Kid,” “I’d Do Anything,” “Perfect,” and the song that first put cursing on the radio “Addicted.” This show sold out in Philadelphia within minutes of on-sale forcing the band to upgrade to a much larger venue which was super close to also selling out but was just short of doing so.

“15 f–king years, can you believe it?! Any time I say it, it just makes me feel really f–king old. But that’s okay, because I still have my hair.” – Pierre Bouvier

This was a special show as the band was playing their debut studio album from front to back to celebrate its 15th anniversary, but also throwing in a bunch of other hit songs they have put out and also included several from their latest album Taking One For The Team. The setlist included a song for every fan in attendance, old & new. The venue was full of fans mixed from very young ages that probably have never had the opportunity to see Simple Plan live previously as well as parents and more diehard fans that has been there since 2002. I want to note that it is very rare to see bands still together with the original lineup after 15+ years together, but Simple Plan still has all of their original band members even after 15 years of touring and releasing music together.

Several Highlights of the show included:Another notable highlights would definitley have been when Simple Plan allowed Nick & his girlfriend to get engaged on stage after “God Must Hate Me” and right before “I Won’t Be There,” that was definitley a moment that couple will remember forever.Simple Plan were unapologetically themselves throughout the show, joking with each other in between songs, singing and signally fans in the crowd, and enjoying themselves. Also, when the entire venue was shaking from the insane amount of fans jumping to “Jump.” Another Highlight would include, Simple Plan’s drummer Chuck Comeau, and front man Pierre Bouvier switching roles for the ending verses/chorus of “Grow Up” which Chuck Comeau then stage diving and crowd surfing as he finished out the song on vocals and Bouvier finished behind the drumkit.  Then band then slowing it down to play almost every teens anthem “Perfect” which cell phones then illuminated the room as Pierre Bouvier led the fans through a sing along which built up to the full band’s return to the stage kicking back up the energy to close the song out and exit the stage as the crowd chanted for one more song. Simple Plan then returning to the stage for not only 1 more song but 7 more songs, giving the fans more then what they could have even asked for. These seven songs were definitley the loudest songs of the night ending with sing alongs to all seven songs which were “Shut Up!” from their sophomore album Still Not Getting Any…, the song that had the entire crowd off their feet “Jump,” the song that had streamers showering the crowd & screaming “Boom!.” Two  more songs that made everyone feel emotional “Your Love Is A Lie,” and “This Song Saved My Life.” And would it really be a Simple Plan show if of course they did not play “Crazy” and “Welcome To My Life.”

If you have a chance to see Simple Plan on this No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls… Tour when it comes through your city, make sure you get out to see it or you will regret it as this tour is one to see. Not only this tour but any Simple Plan show that comes through your city is one to not miss as they always put on one of the greatest live shows you will ever see live with such high energy levels and crowd interactions throughout the entire show, this is one band who knows how to put on an incredible live show!

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