Silverstein – Milestone (Song Review)

Back in the year 2000, Ontario rockers formed the band Silverstein. 15 years later, they have released a new single properly named “Milestone”. This band transcends through many rock era’s, and is easily most everyone’s more recognizable ‘emo’ band from their past. Now, Silverstein are reviving the scene once again with a quick tempo, beautifully harmonized song that will absolutely be a hit.

“Milestone” starts off with crazy instrumentals; the guitars shred havoc and the drums go crazy along with vocalist Shane Told’s powerful vocals. The single brings about the old school post-hardcore in a fun and new way that brings chills to your skin. It’s nostalgic, but not something you’ve heard before from them. The chorus itself swells in sound and feeling and gets the blood flowing, with amazing harmonies with Told’s voice and the instruments backing it. This song speaks of renewal, overcoming obstacles and negative people, and moving forward. It’s one for the fans, with lyrics that are in spoken word and very powerful, “My memory lives on forever through you, and through everyone who’s ever known you”. Crazy awesome. The tempo changes between the chorus and the lead up to the chorus fits perfectly with Silverstein’s old image. 

4/5: Since “Milestone” is very exciting and something new from Silverstein, and the message of the song is really powerful and awesome, But the sound is not something totally new in the industry. Although it seems Silverstein’s new album is going be a Chart Topper! Silverstein’s new album, I am Alive in Everything I Touch, will be out May 19th, 2015. Preorders are now available:

Review By: Erin Marhefka

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