STIMULI Release Music Video for “Ripple”

If you love bands like Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Tool, and/or Nirvana, STIMULI just might be your next favorite band! This Hard Rock band from Oakland, California took the visionaries from their full-length album, They Are We, and created a brand new heavy, thoughtful, and riff-soaked sound. Even though they’re similar in genre to the bands we listed, what’s unique about STIMULI’s sound is the fact that they do things that aren’t as common with other Hard Rock bands.

This band incorporates synth atmospherics and eclectic instrumentation in their music. Some of their music even features a Native American flute!

According to the band, “”Ripple” is a song about finding peace and fulfillment in a moment or series thereof as we race through life. The song was originally titled “Ripple In Perception” about an alternative way to experience and appreciate time.”

With lyrics like, “The sequence of moments that composes life can pass us by or guide us through a door that leads inside,” and “Moments are no possessions, but a stream that flows in time / Ephemeral impressions washed away by the tide,” you can’t help but think. But we’re sure that’s what the band wants, since they’re known to have music that contains a strong emotional intensity with personal, social, and philosophical messages about human experiences.

What’s cool about the music video is that it also made us think. There are scenes with the band playing the song, but there are also scenes with the vocalist singing, and it looks like he’s made of water. Crazy right? But you have to see it for yourself to really understand what we’re talking about. The way those scenes were filmed makes you pay close attention to his face and what he’ saying.

You can stream their album, They Are We, via Bandcamp or Spotify.

Check out the music video for “Ripple” below:

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