Shania Twain to take up a Residency at Planet Hollywood

Are you not impressed much by contemporary music and prefer to hear the classic stylings of the best-selling female country music singer of all time? Well, you will be delighted to hear the news that Shania Twain is set to…


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Posted on June 25, 2019

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Are you not impressed much by contemporary music and prefer to hear the classic stylings of the best-selling female country music singer of all time? Well, you will be delighted to hear the news that Shania Twain is set to take up another residency in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The Queen of Country Pop has done this before in Sin City seven years ago, and believes that it was because of her that other acts such as Drake and Cardi B followed suit and pursued their own residencies. Twain’s glittering career is showing no signs of slowing down, and her live performances are still considered among the best in the business.

What can Fans Expect when they go to See Twain?

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Twain is one of the most experienced live performers ever to grace a stage, and has been in the music business since she joined the cover band, Flirt, in 1983. The Ontario-born singer toured all over her home province with the band which was led by Canadian country music artist Diana Chase. Twain earned her chops in the music scene for nearly ten years before changing her name from Eileen to Shania and striking out on her own. She put together a demo tape of her songs and got the attention of some major record labels including Mercury Nashville Records.

Twain released her self-titled debut album through Polygram and Mercury Records in 1993, and it was met with positive reviews. However, she didn’t achieve commercial success until her 1995 album, The Woman in Me. This record featured hit songs such as Any Man of Mine and You Win My Love. Since then, Twain has released three more best-selling albums and sold over 100 million records in total. Her previous residency in Vegas, Shania: Still the One, was at Caesars Palace and ran from 2012 to 2014. She played 105 shows and made $43.6 million at the box office. The upcoming residency, Let’s Go, is likely to be just as popular and will feature all of the artist’s biggest hits, and will begin in December this year.

What is there to do at the Venue?

The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino is one of the grandest establishments in Sin City, and the Caesars Entertainment Corporation-owned gambling hotspot has plenty of options for people flying in to see Twain.

One of the main draws is obviously the casino, which has been described as having a Hollywood hip theme. The casino floor takes up a whopping three acres, and features a large number of table games run by dealers wearing chic lingerie. The pleasure pit also has go-go dancers entertaining gamblers as they play games like blackjack and roulette. There is a large slot machine section, with video slots as well as progressive options. Progressive slots have the higher jackpots, while video slots have immersive storylines and action-packed features according to Betway Casino. The casino only scratches the surface in terms of entertainment at the resort, however.

The Mezzanine provides guests with an opportunity to relax, have a drink, and take in a show. One of the longest-running live performances is Peepshow which has previously featured Holly Madison and Coco Austin. There is also a huge swimming pool which provides an excellent view of the Strip. In terms of dining, the highlight of Planet Hollywood is arguably Gordon Ramsay Burger. It features the famous Hog Burger and the Lobster and Shrimp Burger. There are also some unique fries and shakes to try.

Twain Still Going Strong at 53

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At the tender age of 53, a lot of successful people who have already made millions may consider slowing down and retiring. Twain has a net worth of $400 million, so it isn’t as if she needs the money. In fact, it seems as though the Man! I feel Like a Woman singer is carrying on purely for her love of music and performing. Certainly, when it comes to seeing live acts it helps if they are actually enjoying themselves, and this rubs off on the audience as well. For this reason, a lot of fans of Twain will be desperate to procure tickets when she starts her Vegas concerts at the end of this year. They can be purchased for as little as $103.

Twain has inspired a lot of the biggest acts in the industry, including popular icons like Avril Lavigne who is also touring this year. Her initial Las Vegas residency led to a number of other acts following suit, and now she is returning to Sin City to show the newcomers who’s in charge. Seeing the great country singer live is on a lot of music fans’ bucket lists.

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