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Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen Says Attila’s Frontman Fronzilla Needs To Be “Punched In The Face”

Do you remember the Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen and Attila frontman Chris Fronzak beef back in 2015 when both bands were on Vans Warped Tour together? Well, the beef was brought on by Fronzak’s constant usage of his frequently used homophobic slur in his lyrics, which highly offended Nielsen enough to not only call him out on stage but also on Twitter, which led to the 2015 beef.  Fronzak later denying that his use of the slur was not said in the actual homophobic connotation, while it appeared to be quiet for several years, Fronzak added more fuel to the fire again earlier this year when Attila decided to include Senses Fail’s frontman Buddy Nielsen within their newest diss track, “Callout 2” Which Fronzak said “F-ck A Buddy Nielsen” within the track.

Fronzak then detailing the reasoning behind each diss within the “Callout 2” track saying:

“Fuck a Buddy Nielsen: This dude literally dedicated his entire set every day on Warped 2015 to talk shit about Attila. As if that wasn’t fulfilling enough he would talk shit to us on twitter 5 minutes after getting off the stage. Dude is just a whiny bitch.”

More recently however, Altpress discussed in a new segment called Cautionary Tales with Nielsen, where he then vented on his problems with Fronzak, saying:

“I don’t feel like the music scene came out to support me [for calling out Fronzak.] There was a lot of ‘shut up, shut the fuck up, play your songs and be glad that you’re here. You got everything you wanted.’ I was talking about a lot of these issues in the music scene three years ago, and people were like, ‘Way to go, social justice warrior.’ Nobody had my back with that Attila dude. That dude is one of the dudes who needs to get punched in the face. I am not a violent person. But if you are a person who is queer and you get called ‘faggot,’ you have every fuckin’ right to knock that person in the face. I am for standing in your fuckin’ space and taking it. I do not like a nonviolent, passive queer movement. Peace and love doesn’t always get you a place of respect at the table.”

UPDATED: 4:37pm 04/18/2018 – Buddy Nielsen replied to our article on Twitter saying “You’re goddamn right, I’m gonna punch that cis scum and make him eat his fucking vegetables.” See the tweet below, no response from Fronzilla yet.


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