Secret Social Club Release Music Video for “Gravity”

Secret social clubs are always interesting because you don’t know what’s going on or what the club is about. That’s why the name of this pop-rock band from Southern California, Secret Social Club, caught our attention. The band focuses on their music and visual storytelling, which shows in their music video for their latest track, “Gravity.” The sci-fi comic themed music video was created by artist, Leo Colapietro (Zenescope, Valiant, Lionforge), who took the band’s story and brought it to life. Just like the band’s music and name, the song teases an alternate world that nobody really knows much about.

With lyrics like, “I’ve got no one to hold, and no one to love / I’m sick of feeling like I’m never enough,” and “So I close my eyes and I keep em’ tight / Make believe that everything is fine / Just to feel better when I open them up / I’m waiting for a new day,” the song is about reminding yourself that whenever you feel sad, the only way is out is to fight and keep going.

“Before we took “Gravity” to Matt Good, (producer) it was a sad and moody song. Matt really twisted it to give it this upbeat, high energy feel, which makes the lyrics, inspiration and sound come full circle. I think the message behind the song is pretty black and white. That’s part of the reason I love it so much. For people like me, feeling isolated can be a scary thing,” says the vocalist of Secret Social Club, Wade Fitzgerald.

Secret Social Club Release Music Video for "Gravity"
‘Space Cowboys’ movie poster

One thing about this song that Wade told us, was that people don’t know is the original bridge to the song was completely different. After they recorded it, they went back to California and watched a movie from 2000 called Space Cowboys. Tommy Lee Jone’s played a character named Hawk, who was an astronaut (maybe in his 70’s) with pancreatic cancer and his lifelong dream was to go to the moon.

In the movie, one of the other astronauts needed help launching a rocket to drive a satellite away from earth. They needed one of them to sacrifice their own life to go. Since Hawk was dying from cancer, he volunteered, stating that maybe he’ll make it to the moon.

“After he leaves on the rocket and saves the world, Clint Eastwood is back home talking to his wife and asks, “I wonder if Hawk made it to the moon?” Cut to the last scene of the move, Hawk is sitting on the mood, dead, staring back at Earth like a complete bad*ss,” Wade explains.

“In the end, he made it. It’s a true story that I live my life by. Rumor has it, Tommy Lee Jones is still up there now. It might not be a true story, but it definitely was the influence behind changing the bridge to what it is now, and just another thing about this song that makes it fun to talk about,” says Wade.

Check out the music video for “Gravity” below:

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