Seaforth; Photo Courtesy of Trèa Allen
Seaforth; Photo Courtesy of Trèa Allen

Seaforth Cement Themselves As “One Of Country Music’s Brightest Duos” On First Headlining Tour

Australian duo Seaforth are lifelong best friends living in Nashville with an album’s worth of potential radio singles and a growing network of famous friends. Songs like “Breakup” and the Jordan Davis-assisted “Good Beer” have helped the pair scale the country hierarchy in record time, but Seaforth is still making their name known in the live arena. Following a handful of supporting runs in 2021, including a star-making turn with Davis last fall, the duo recently found themselves on their first proper headline tour.

On Thursday, July 7, Seaforth brought their high-energy live show to The Stache in Grand Rapids, MI. The hot July sun was still hanging high in the sky when Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson, along with their band, took the stage at roughly 8:25.

A local artist named Myron Elkins had already whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Still, you could sense the energy in the room swell as Seaforth took the stage. The crowd surged toward the front, leaving just enough space between bodies for a little boot scootin’ boogie, and cheered with enough power to make the already small room feel crowded.

“This is one of our first headlining shows,” expressed Thompson following the group’s first two songs. “I am not afraid to admit I was worried we wouldn’t sell ten tickets, but looking out now, there’s a lot more than ten people in this room.”

It’s hard to know where an artist like Seaforth stands until you see them in concert. A glance at the group’s Spotify will tell you they have over two-million monthly listeners, but not one song has charted above 45 on country radio, and in the age of playlists, it can be hard to know how many streaming listeners are fans.

You can’t be sure if an artist is the next big thing or just another here today, gone later today, until you get them in front of a crowd. That’s the proving ground for any musician, but in country, it’s practically law.

From the moment Seaforth took the stage, their future as one of country music’s brightest duos was undeniable. Everyone in the crowd, from the young men who appeared to have left their farm moments before arriving at the show to college students wearing pristine boots and cowboy hats, was hanging onto each note pouring through the speakers.

More importantly, they knew every word and sang along loud enough to drown out any feedback from the monitors. A sign on the wall claimed the room could hold 420 people, but during the hooks of “Talk To Me,” “Queen Of Daytona Beach,” and “Breakups,” among others, it felt like thousands were present.

Adding fuel to this fire was Seaforth themselves. Backed by a bassist and drummer and several digital tracks, the duo bounced around the stage with boundless energy and technical skill. Few songs passed without the group breaking into a jam session, extended chorus, or fiery solo. The lines between country, rock, and pop concerts continually blurred into a swirl of light and sound that you can only describe as riveting.

For the entirety of their time on stage, Seaforth held Grand Rapids in the palms of their hands, and packed Grand Rapids’ crowd gave them everything they had in exchange.

To see a full list of Seaforth’s upcoming tour dates, CLICK HERE.

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