Scott Stapp; Photo By Andrew Wendowski
Scott Stapp; Photo By Andrew Wendowski

Scott Stapp Developed A Talent During Quarantine That He “Never Thought” He Would

Scott Stapp learned a new talent during quarantine and it may shock you.

The “World I Used To Know” singer has been keeping busy during his downtime off the road by tending to his Stapp Family farm.

In an exclusive interview with Music Mayhem, Stapp revealed that he’s been keeping busy during quarantine with his “three kids, wife” and their “little farm.” He continued to share that they got a farm going on their property “with some chickens and ducks and some various vegetable plants going.”

He then shared a hilarious story of how he rounds up his chickens. A story that has us begging for video footage to see the moments of Stapp gathering his chickens. He says that gathering and corralling his free range chickens is a talent that he never thought he would develop.

“My chickens are free range and I put them in their pen around dusk every night, so that they are safe and protected and sleep,” Stapp explained. “It is a talent rounding up 5 chickens, they have run me and I bet if someone had a camera and video taped, they would get quite a laugh seeing me figure out and learn the first month, how to gather and corral chickens. I would say finally learning that is definitely a talent that I never thought I would develop.”

Stapp continued: “My wife and my mom and my kids have seen me in the backyard when I figured out how to do and they have hung outside on our deck, looking over the back of our property, laughing hysterically as they see me running around cause this one’s going this way and i’m trying to cut him off and apparently it’s quite the sight to see but I’ve got it figured out now.”

Stapp also teased that he has been “writing music,” and just “trying to stay busy in anyway that I can.”

The singer’s politically charged new single “World I Used To Know” is out now and appears on his latest album, The Space Between The ShadowsStapp is also set to portray Frank Sinatra in and upcoming Ronald Reagan biopic starring Dennis Quaid, dubbed Raegan.

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