Scott Stapp Brings Epic Rock Show to New York City’s Sony Hall

The one-and-only, Scott Stapp (Voice of Creed) brought an epic electrifying rock show to New York City’s premier venue, Sony Hall just outside of the iconic New York Times Square with special guests Messer and Weapons of Anew.

The crowd erupted into a roaring scream at 9:30pm as the venue went dark and the Creed song “Bullets” haunted the venue with its eery instrumental beginning accompanied by Stapp’s spoken word introduction in the song before building up to the intense growls of the opening lyrics to the song as a dense green-lit fog filled the stage and lights perfectly lit the stage for the mood of the song. Then powering through “Slow Suicide,” a track off his 2013 solo album release of Proof Of Life and before bringing new music into the live show quickly for the third song being “World I Used To Know” from Stapp’s latest album, The Space Between The Shadows, which debuted in the top 10 albums in the country chart on Billboard and fans were ecstatic to hear the new music live and already knew every word to the song.

Stapp sounding better than he has ever sounded throughout his 15-song set which was full of hits from his solo records, Creed records, some Deep Cuts and even songs from his latest album, The Space Between The Shadows (Napalm Records). Stapp vocals really being highlighted within his new material live, especially in songs like “Survivor,” “Purpose For Pain” and “Gone Too Soon” where he was truly able to showcase his vocal abilities, sounding flawless with his distinctive vocals that everyone knows and adores. We really enjoyed the fresh new rock sound that gave a new life to the Creed hits that were played live especially noted during songs like the exhilarating rock hit “What If,” “Higher” and “My Sacrifice.” There isn’t a person in the world who couldn’t name a Creed song as Creed was one of the most influential rock bands in the world with hit after hit song.

Bringing the energetic rock show that Stapp fans are used to, Stapp and his band which consists of lead guitarist Yiannis Papadopoulos, guitarist Ben Flanders, bassist Sammy Hudson and drummer Dango Cellan put on a blistering rock performance that you won’t soon forget, interacting with each other and with the fans throughout the entire set showcasing their impeccable musicianship onstage. The entire band feeding off of each other’s and the near-capacity crowds energy making for an epic energy-filled rock show. Stapp and co. didn’t waste a single space of the stage while performing with Stapp making great use out of his riser that he rocked out on throughout the evening, even directing singing and interacting with some of his die hard fans on the barricade.

Highlights of Stapp’s set would definitely include Stapp’s performance of his No. 1 single “With Arms Wide Open” which brought an explosive sing-a-long as the crowd was perfectly lit by a sparkling disco ball which perfectly fit the songs vibe. Other moments that we were definitley amazed by would be with the new music played live including his song “Name” which Stapp revealed was written for his children and is a very personal song from the new record, but also during his emotion-filled performance of the anthemic single “Gone Too Soon” which is a song about losing someone. Stapp giving a tear-jerking moment for the opening lines of the song which sent chills through fans bodies remember some of the iconic musicians we have lost that were close to Stapp like Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.

We were very impressed with Stapp and his bands overall performance as he brought an extraordinary production with vibrantly colorful lighting making for a beautiful light show during each and every song, Stapp looks amazing and his voice still sounding as iconic as it always has if not better then ever before giving an unforgettable performance that was a force to be reckoned with. Make sure you do not miss out on seeing Stapp on his The Space Between The Shadows tour as it is definitely one you do not want to miss out on!

For Scott Stapp’s upcoming tour dates, CLICK HERE and to pick up his new record, The Space Between The Shadows, CLICK HERE.

Check out some photos from the show below:

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