Savages – Breathe Carolina (Song Review)

savages Breathe Carolina song review 2014“Savages” is the latest single and title track for the upcoming album from Colorado natives Breathe Carolina, due out in 2014. The band consists of David Schmitt as well as a live band. Founding member Kyle Even departed from the band in October of 2013 due to his new responsibilities as a father (belated congratulations Kyle!). The track is, in one word, fun! It seems as though Schmitt is going back to the band’s roots and going with a more electronic/dance sound, opposed to more post-hardcore characteristics of the past. Now, this is only one single, so there may be harder elements mixed in to the rest of the album. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: don’t judge an album by one single. The title of the song, if you grew up on Disney movies, should make you think of Native Americans (shout-out to Pocahontas), and those thoughts are confirmed in the lyrics; “Wolves in our own skin. We’re savages. We act so primitive. We’re savages. Do the rain dance like you’re on fire, like you’re on fire. We’re savages.” Now before the social justice campaign goes after Breathe Carolina for racism, that’s not the angle Schmitt was going for I’m sure. It’s a fun song, a party song about letting go and being a little crazy. The term ‘savage’ has such a negative connotation and maybe this song will change that since music has such an influence on people, especially the younger minds. ‘Savages’ has had a pretty decent receiving by fans; a majority of them love it, which was surprising since usually when I scroll down the comments section of new music its ‘wow this sux y did they change?1!!1?!?’. It seems to be widely accepted by the fans, and as always there the handful that aren’t fond of it.

Rating: 3.5/5- I’ve never been a huge fan of dance/electronic music (mostly because I can’t dance), because it always seems there’s one aspect that’s ‘too much’ be it bass, synth, etc. ‘Savages’, I feel is very balanced vocally and instrumentally; there isn’t too much of one thing. I do like the song lyrically as well. Is it offensive? To some it might be, but everyone always finds something offensive in something, and honestly I don’t even think that’s really what BC was going for. It’s catchy and fun, not every song has to have some deep, hidden meaning. It’s nice to act primitive sometimes. 

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