We had the opportunity to sit down with rapidly on the rise country star, Russell Dickerson recently to chat about his forthcoming debut album, Yours, Halloween and what he would dress up as, and his recent tour with Thomas Rhett. Dickerson made his national TV debut during episode #4 of The Bachelorette, serenading Rachel Lindsay and Dean on their date in South Carolina. His EP, Yours, debuted at #2 in the iTunes country store and #8 in all genres on iTunes. The album also premiered at #1 on Billboard’s Heat Seeker chart and #14 on Billboard’s Top Country Album chart. Learn more about Dickerson and his rapid rise to the top below.


Let’s start by chatting about your debut album Yours which will be released on October 13th, 2017. The album’s title Yours comes from your biggest single to date and a smash hit on country radio and at wedding’s around the world. What inspired the name “Yours”? 

I just simply had the song title “Yours.” The lyrics I had written down with it were like “I was lost before you, I was this, I was that but now I’m yours…” And we really just took that and ran with it. 

This debut album will feature 12-tracks of which 7 of the songs will be brand new with the other 5 coming from your EP. Which two of these 12 tracks hold the most meaning to you and what do they mean?

Billions, although it isn’t a super deep song, it does hold a special place for me. It’s about my wife and I when we were first married. We didn’t have jacks worth of money but we sure did have a lot of time on our hands. You know what that can lead to – haha. It’s really simple. “If loving was money, we’d make it all the way to the bank!”

What can fans expect from the new music on this record?

This record is full of life and positivity. Music represents the artist and that’s exactly me. It’s fun, over the top, joyful and it’s real life. There are no sappy break up songs because that’s just not where I’m at in my life right now. I’m very happily married to the most gorgeous woman on earth and our life is full of excitement, romance and nights staying in eating Chinese food and drinking boxed wine. 

The day of your album release, also happens to be Friday The 13th, so I wanted to throw in a fall/halloween question or two. What is your favorite part of Fall/Halloween and if you 
were to dress up for a Halloween party what would you dress up as?

Fall always reminds me of when my wife and I first met. We listened to this one record on repeat – Ben Rector’s Into The Morning. I love building a fire out back first thing on a crisp morning, making a nice cup of coffee, reading and just listening to nature around me. My favorite costume I’ve come up with so far has been the Jolly Green Giant! I got a green morph suit, cut up an old t-shirt for the sash, cut out felt leaves and spray painted some old cowboy boots green. Easily one of the most epic Halloween costumes of humanity haha [laughs]!

You recently just got off tour with Thomas Rhett, How was it touring with Rhett and how did you enjoy performing to nearly sold out arenas and amphitheaters for months with 

It was obviously incredible playing to 10,000+ people every night but at the same time it’s a responsibility. I take what I do very seriously and every night there are 10,000 people that bought a ticket to (what better be) the best concert they’ve ever been to. But I love that pressure because I can meet it with confidence knowing that my band and I give it our absolute all every single night!

You have an upcoming run with Florida Georgia Line on their record breaking Smooth tour this fall, What can fans most look forward to seeing you on that tour? 

A high energy party! It’s our job to set the tone every single night and we want to set it right with all of the songs available now and with Billions which will be released right before we start the tour!

On the topic of tours, if you could make a tour of your dreams where you headlined and ANYONE you wanted could support or open for you (massive artists or not) what 3 
artists would you choose to tour with you and what would the tour be called?

I would bring Garth, I would re-assemble the original Blink-182, and resurrect Michael Jackson. That would be the most epic tour of all time.

Back in June you made your first national TV appearance on The Bachelorette, What was that experience like and how did the opportunity come about?

We knew “Yours” was perfect for this show and my incredible team were the ones who made this happen! I was a little nervous because I’ve played hundreds of shows but never with cameras and 7 million people watching on TV. It was surprisingly magical because there was definite chemistry between Dean and Rachel and the atmosphere was so full of love and excitement! 

How did it feel to have your 5 song EP premiere at #1 on Billboard’s Heat Seeker Chart and #2 on iTunes Country Charts? Did you ever expect that to happen?

Honestly, that’s what you hope happens – that it goes as high as possible. I was not expecting the #1 Billboard Heat Seeker. This was my first release to ever appear on Billboard and to flip over to that Heat Seeker’s chart and see my name at the top was overwhelming and a definite milestone in my career!

Back in 2016, you made your Grand Ole Opry debut as well, This past year has been awesome for you. What was your Grand Ole Opry debut like and how did it feel to play 
the stage that many of your idols and inspirations have performed on?

I’ve followed so many artists that have made their Opry Debut and it’s such a special moment as a country artist to have this opportunity. So to be standing there listening to them talking about my music, my career and my name I was overcome with emotion and just started crying right there side stage before I walked out to sing. It’s a moment that I hold so special because that night I was recognized by one of the most monumental names in country music, The Grand Ole Opry. 

What else is in store for 2017 for Russell Dickerson, other than the of obvious new record?

We are going to be following up my debut record with as many shows as possible so that the amazing fans that have purchased the album get a chance to come out to a show and sing every single word! Cannot wait to hang with all y’all! 


Preorder the Russell Dickerson’s debut album HERE

A list of all of his upcoming shows is available on his website.

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