For Russell Dickerson, balancing his dad duties and his busy artist schedule has proved to be a challenge, but according to him, it’s all worth it.

Dickerson sat down with Music Mayhem while backstage at Chicago’s Windy City Smokeout music festival to discuss family, the success of his recent single, and new music. 

Ever since he and his wife Kailey welcomed their son Remington into the world in 2020, things have looked pretty different in their household. Their spontaneous decisions are not so spontaneous anymore, and having to say goodbye before going out on the road for days on end is never easy, but those moments they do have together are priceless. 

“It’s so worth it. Having him out on the road…it’s so cool to just see how life does change, in the best way,” he shared. 

On stage, Dickerson’s infectious energy comes to life as he dances from one end of the stage to the other, singing his songs that were inspired by his love for his wife and son. While he may always have the best spirits in front of the crowd, his true feelings come to light once he’s back on the bus or in the studio putting all his focus into the work. Luckily, the “Every little Thing” singer has found a way to prioritize both of the most important aspects of his life. 

“It’s so hard because whatever I do, I’m all in. So it’s literally day by day. It’s like one day, I’m recording so that’s all I’m focusing on. I wake up, kiss them and go record all day, but then other days, it’s a day off. So I’m like, okay, I’m all off. Don’t call me, don’t text me. Then it’s like on the road, this is my focus. This is what’s in my head all day. So it is a hard balance because it’s day by day, it’s not like a week at a time. You don’t do the same thing every single Monday through Friday.”

Dickerson is often pretty transparent on social media when it comes to sharing some of those heartfelt moments when his family is on the road right by his side. He even gives fans a look into his life on his YouTube series titled, This is Russ. From the funny moments at home with his son to the intense workouts he’s adapted from country megastar Tim McGraw, this series reveals the side of an artist lifestyle that isn’t shown as often as the usual highlight reels from a concert are. 

“They don’t get to see this. All they see is the stage, so I want to give them everything except the stage. It’s kinda the opposite of, you know how everybody does like those highlight videos on stage to say, this is our weekend? I’m like, I want to do everything but that. Honestly, I hope it turns into something.”

Several episodes were filmed this summer while Dickerson spent time on the road as a special guest to Tim McGraw’s 2022 tour. This stint of shows, which he dubbed “the best summer of my life,” kicked off on April 29 in Rogers, Arkansas. 

“It’s so surreal. Like, he’s my hero. I’ve loved his music for decades,” Dickerson told Music Mayhem. “He’s just so down to earth. He’s so famous, but he’s so chill. Faith Hill was out, she was just like geeking out on the side, taking videos. It was so awesome.”

While warming up the crowd for McGraw, Dickerson found that his gold-certified single featuring Jake Scott, “She Likes It,” is the song that gets fans most pumped up for the rest of the night. 

“Just to see that song take off, It’s so different, It’s so funky and it’s slaps so hard,” he gushed. “It’s so fun to have a different song with a different like texture that people just go bananas for.”

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As this song continues to climb the charts, Dickerson shared that new music is on the way. In fact, after a recent social media post that included photos of Dickerson in the studio and with the caption, “Friday :)”, fans were anticipating Dickerson to drop a new song on August 5. When he found out he had teased the wrong release date for the new song, he edited the post to instead read, “Jk. Not Friday lol :)” leaving fans wondering what’s coming next.  

“I posted it and my manager was like, ‘what’s Friday?’ And I was like, ‘my song’s coming out’ and they were like, ‘no,’” he explained. “I was like, are you kidding me?  I was so bummed.”

Fans won’t have to wait too much longer to hear the highly-anticipated mystery song because Dickerson has confirmed his plans to release it towards the end of August. Dickerson revealed that the new single will feature a collaboration with the band, Cheat Codes and will be included on the track list for his next full project. 

“It is probably my favorite song on the album,” he said in excitement. 

The upcoming album will follow his 2020 record, Southern Symphony, which features hits including “Love You Like I Used To,” “Home Sweet” and more. 

This weekend, Russell Dickerson will bring his upbeat, positive set to shows in Minnesota and Missouri. In a few short months, he’ll kick things into high gear for his nearly sold-out All Yours All Night worldwide tour. Nashville newcomer, Breland, will be joining him on this adventure as the special guest. 

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