RSC Release “Shadow Lady”

RSC (RedScool) is an unapologetic old-school rock/metal band who is giving fans a taste of their upcoming album with their newest single, “Shadow Lady.” Due to each member of the band residing from different parts of the world, (Europe, Russia, and North America) their music has more of a unique global sound.

While listening to their music, the band wants fans to know that they stand for unity, passion, and ROCK. The native language spoken is metal and the objective is simple, to create a fresh new sound for old school rock n’ roll!


With lyrics like, “There’s a shadow lady playing tricks on me,” and “There’s some confusion, where I belong,” the band describes a woman who seems to be taking control of someone’s emotions, to the point where you want to keep knowing more and more about them.

OR… maybe even who they really are, rather than who they want you to see.

“”Shadow Lady” was written in honor of that one person or thing that seems to cut through all your defenses and hooks you,” RSC shares. “Total immediate addiction, no matter how strong you are. We all have that one person or thing that can do that.”

Members of the band have performed with Dream Theater, Whitesnake and Iron Maiden, and have played on stages at events like The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Coachella, Lollapalooza and more.

With their talent and motivation, there’s no stopping these guys.

Listen to “Shadow Lady” below:

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