Ronnie Radke vs. Self Made Co.

Self Made Clothing vs. Ronnie RadkeAfter Ronnie Radke made a sex joke about 9/11 which he has since apologized for. SelfMade Co is claiming to have dropped sponsorship of Falling In Reverse on Warped Tour due to the joke about 9/11. Below is Ronnie Radke & SelfMade Co’s argument via Instagram Comments….. (Instagrams: @selfmadeco & @ronnieradke)

FIRST ORIGINAL POST FROM SELFMADE CO. : “@ronnieradke this is Joe Ianelli owner of SelfMade Co. (pictured here standing next to a fallen Ianelli’s memorial). As someone who makes clothing that push limits and often offend people, I’m all for freedom of speech and expression. So I’d be a hypocrite in saying it’s wrong to express yourself. But I must say I don’t agree with making jokes about things that can hurt people, especially when it hits close to home. I know this won’t even matter to you but I must decline producing the selfmade co sponsored #FallingInReverse bus tent for you on @warpedtour. Not because you’ve made a joke about something that hits a soft spot to me someone that lived through that day in NY, but because kids look up to you and I feel that post you made crosses a line a “hero” should not be crossing. Anyway I’ll be sure to see you on #warpedtour, maybe me and a few of my buddies from back home in NY can take you over to the 9/11 memorial so you can see how funny it is.”

RONNIE RADKES REPLY: “@Selfmadeco Hey joe, this is ronnie. You know the one you attached your name to and semi threatened in your post about me,. kinda funny coming from a guy that puts satanic crosses on t shirts and sells them to children you know satan right? The guy that children believe to be evil and bad? I will gladly see you on warped tour. So you can threaten me to my face.”

SELFMADE CO. STATEMENT TO RONNIE: “@ronnieradke This is Joe again. As seen in the screen shot above of my caption about your inappropriate post towards a subject matter that has no humor and only grief behind it. Yes I’m well aware of the products I produce and I even stated before I’m all about freedom of speech. But when you are in the spot light and have young people looking up to you there are certain lines that should not be crossed because of the power you hold. My products offend people but a cat with an upside down cross, that does not hurt people and certainly does not make light of horrific events that changed peoples lives. Threaten you… There were no threats contained in my post, i was only calling you out for your negligence in the message you were spreading to those that look up to you. If you would like to speak more on this matter feel free to find me at my tent all summer long.”

RONNIE RADKES REPLY: “@selfmadeco I will. Saying that you sponsor my band is a fucking lie you blackcraft rip off. you used my name to gain more popularity and its discusting. You threatened me, you know you did.Im tired of leeches like you hanging on to every word i say and waiting for the right time to strike to get a couple more social media followers. Who is the real bad guy here. Integrity is what you do behind closed doors. I will come speak to you personally best believe that.”

SELFMADE CO STATEMENT: “@ronnieradke dont flatter yourself. Funny how you’ve never heard of us. Anyway looking forward to talk to you in a few.”

RONNIE RADKE REPLY: “@selfmadeco Bro that was 2011! I was given a shirt by my drummer. You do not sponsor my fucking band you scum bag. you know this is straight up defamation right. You want to be popular so bad man. let it fucking go you fake piece of shit.”

On Twitter….

Ronnie Radke also tweeted at Property of Zack saying@PropertyofZack this is a blatant lie. Never even knew those guys existed. Can you guys be honest for once. Like ap?”

RONNIE RADKE:@RonnieRadke: It Never Ends.”

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