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Every sub-culture has its own trends and look. You will find bright colors with pop musicians, you will find skulls and dark, long hair to be associated with rock and metal and so on. We tend to assign different things that can help us identify which subgroup a person might belong to, and in a way, what people wear becomes their symbol. So, yes, a hairstyle or even a choice of the ring can show people’s attempts at representing their sub-culture.

Biker culture is characterized by chains, boots, leather jackets, and of course, lots of skulls. Biker jewelry runs on the same principle. There are particular symbols and designs that are almost characteristic of biker culture. The confederate flag used to a popular symbol but is now considered to be a controversial choice. Apart from that, other common types of jewelry will include spiders, the horizontal cross, chains, rings that contain the initials of the biker group the person might be a part of, and most famously, the skulls.

You can find different variants of skull and Rear Tone jewelry online and in different stores. The price range can be anywhere between $100 to over $1000 depending on the quality of the metal used and who made the ring itself. We will also talk about a number of famous figures that have been seen wearing biker jewelry in order for you to get some inspiration as well.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

An accomplished actor that is known famously for his role as Negan in The Walking Dead where he was also seen wearing the standard biker outfit, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also a known biker enthusiast. You can even find multiple pictures of him rocking a standard biker leather jacket which is usually paired with either a heavy chain bracelet or a statement biker ring.

Norman Reedus

While we are still on the subject of The Walking Dead, it would be a grave injustice to not include everyone’s favorite character played by Norman Reedus. Norman Reedus is very devoted to his bikes, so much so that he had a show called Ride with Norman Reedus which was dedicated to exploring bikes and so on. His standard look also happens to be a very typical “biker apparel,” so you will find him wearing his skull rings, rocking the standard A7 leather jacket and so on. So, whenever one talks about biker fashion, Norman Reedus has to be included in the discussion at all costs.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is not just a celebrity actor, he is also a musician and a performer who has often been seen performing side-by-side with other rock and musical legends like Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and so on. Apart from being a music and acting enthusiast, Johnny Depp also happens to be a bike enthusiast and is the proud owner of many bikes, both vintage and otherwise. Johnny Depp’s fashion also happens to be a creative amalgamation of all of his interests. You will often find him rocking biker jewelry, so he has been seen wearing chains, wearing skull bracelets, rings and so on, making any biker proud. Leather jackets have also been worn multiple times as well.

Ryan Reynolds

The actor behind the beloved character Deadpool is also a famous bike enthusiast. Reynolds has been riding bikes from a very young age and tends to keep his style simple and low-key. When he is riding, he is seen wearing the standard A7 leather jacket, boots, and blue jeans to match. While Ryan Reynolds does not wear skull rings or anything of the sort, his choice of biker jewelry is very minimal because you will just, at most, see him wearing a thick chain bracelet.

Keanu Reeves

Another popular celebrity that appears to enjoy riding bikes happens to include the internet’s favorite, Keanu Reeves as well. The famous actor, known for his roles in The Matrix and John Wick is also a bike enthusiast and has been spotting riding his bikes on the road. Like his general personality, Keanu Reeves is modest when it comes to his biker fashion and jewelry as well. You can find him wearing a leather jacket, blue jeans, and at times a bracelet or a ring that is not too forward but still manages to convey the message.

As an ending note, if you happen to love biking, you do not have to wear outlandish and very apparent biker jewelry or outfits if that is not something you are comfortable with. You can still find simpler, more toned down rings, bracelets and other biker jewelry that is not too loud or heavy looking. You do not have to feel pressured to look a certain way if you do not like it. So, you can either style it according to your own preference, or you can choose to not look that way at all, it all comes down to personal preference.

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