Rock duo, Post Death Soundtrack, Release “Piercing the Veil”

Coming from Vancouver, Post Death Soundtrack’s (Steve Moore and Jon Ireson) new album, It Will Come Out Of Nowhere, creates thought-provoking music by crafting together elements of doom metal, IDM, trip hop, industrial, pop, and rock sounds.

Their latest single off the album, “Piercing the Veil,” is a seven minute song that was written in the throes of trauma and depression. According to Steve, the lyrics emphasize frustration and the exploration of detachment from life situations. That’s why in the middle of the song, the band includes a powerful quotation about the mind from Indian philosopher, speaker and writer, J. Krishnamurti.

“Since the beginning we’ve had some focus on both mental illness and meditation/philosophy in our music,” says Steve. “There’s meaning in every line but mostly in metaphor – the next line may mean something completely different. That’s intentional because when you’re going through something, when you’re in an urgent state, things are unpredictable and being created in the moment.”

The band takes inspo of their metaphorical lyrics from artist like Kurt Cobain. Kurt sang lyrics like, “Look on the bright side is suicide / Lost eyesight I’m on your side,” where Post Death Soundtrack has lyrics like, “A rare one’s colors will run / In darkness I feel the sun.”

After relocations, breakups, releasing other projects, and a daunting bout with cancer, Post Death Soundtrack’s album got postponed for 3 long years. Now, 3 years later, the band is back with their most ambitious and vitriolic collection to date, It Will Come Out of Nowhere.

Watch the video for “Piercing the Veil” below:

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