Monster Energy’s SOLD OUT Rock Allegiance struck PPL Park with it’s first ever Concert/Festival making for a historic show in Chester, PA on Saturday, October 10th. Featuring some of rock’s biggest names including: Rob Zombie, Korn, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, Hollywood Undead, Bring Me The Horizon, Saint Asonia, In This Moment, Butcher Babies, Pop Evil, Atreyu, Superheaven, Nothing More, Charm City Devils, The Glorious Sons, From Ashes To New, Red Sun Rising, Devour The Day, Unlocking The Truth, Zombie Kidz, & Steel Panther. This historic Rock Festival had 3 stages; One being the Rock Allegiance Tent Stage for a more intimate setting, The other two being Monster Energy’s Stage East & Stage West. The main field of PPL Park, home to the Philadelphia Union, hosted the two giant main stages that stood right next to each other. Bands’ set times were scheduled in a way so that there was no overlapping artists. That meant the moment one ended, the next band began. Giant TV screens allowed for fans to stay in front of one stage if they chose, so that they could enjoy the show on the adjacent stage without losing their spot also allowing fans in the seating areas a great view. There was also a tent stage, located on the stadium’s entrance lawn, which was headlined by Hollywood Undead. Also outside were a extensive amount of food trucks and merchandise stands, including a signing table where some of the bands playing met with fans throughout the day. Rock Allegiance tickets sold out within minutes, with 50,000 people in attendance, proving that this area loves a great ROCK AND ROLL Festival. With Rock Allegiance only being a one-day festival, fans don’t have to wait all weekend to catch their favorite bands; they get to see all of them in one day. With a rocking day of music, craft beer and gourmet man food showing off the best of what makes Philly Rock.

Our day began with Pennsylvania’s own Rap-Rock/Alternative Metal band, From Ashes To New; Who have been gaining serious momentum shaking the rock circuit. Based around the twin vocals of Matt Brandyberry’s relentless, twisting verses and Chris Musser’s razor-edged vocals, Branden Kreider’s guitar riffs, Garrett Russell’s screeching bass riffs, The pounding Drum beats from Tim D’onofrio; this sextet is already dealing in the sort of arena-ready anthems. From Ashes to New’s message in all of their songs is that positive inspiration can be derived from all negativity no matter how bothersome life’s obstacles may feel. In a genre where it feels negativity and despair seem to be in the forefront of most modern hard rock acts these days, From Ashes to New shines as one of few that stand out in that respect. With uplifting lyrics in the vein of self betterment FATN shows their unique creative flare within their music. Rocking the Tent Stage with an explosive response from the crowd singing along to the lyrics that most can relate too. This band definitely has a huge future in-front of them as they conquer the current rock scene with their rapidly growing fan base and constant touring schedule, this band is definitely on the rise to more vast success. Signed to Better Noise Records a partner of Eleven Seven Music Group who is guaranteed to help make them successful quickly.

As Kingston, Ontario based indie rock band The Glorious Sons burst onto the stage at promptly 1:40pm. Right off the bat, it was difficult to take my eyes off the stage as Vocalist Brett Emmons absolutely commanded the sold out crowd and it only took one song before he had the attention of nearly everyone in the crowd. Brett taken control of the stage throwing around his mic stand and rocking out to their bluesy alt-rock sound jamming with Jay Emmons on guitar. Brett’s charisma hypnotized the crowd, as he twisted his body, and whipped his long hair as he drove the crowd into a frenzy. A song nearly every fan present in the crowd sang along with was their hit “Heavy” which currently conquers the airwaves all over the US and Canada. All of the members in the band very interactive with each other, all with their own unique stage presence giving the crowd something to watch at all times. Only a few songs into their set, it was apparent what made The Glorious Sons so commanding and captivating. Strong guitar riffs backed up spectacular vocal harmonies perfectly while the band maintained a wild energy and great chemistry on stage. The Glorious Sons not only delivered, but also put on an incredible show. Prompting crowd participation, Emmons would teach them simple lyrics to sing along, giving everyone instructions, and they were quick to listen. Overall their set was one to see and one to keep your eyes glued to.

The San Antonio-based Alternative Rock/Progressive band; NOTHING MORE. Lead vocalist Jonny Hawkins’ vocal talent was impossible to ignore immediately after taking the stage. Hawkins can also play the drums.  In fact, every member of Nothing More can play drums to some extent, and this was made clear when Hawkins started “Christ Copyright” off their self titled album by drumming on an intricate, motorcycle gear-inspired kit that remained at center stage for the duration of the show. Jonny Hawkins, bound with passion and extreme energy throughout the entire duration of the set, often stood on the snares of the kit to sing portions of songs and leaping off onto the stage. Jonny’s Compelling, Adrenaline-fueled live performance is nothing short of outstanding and draws the crowd alone but their unique sound to their rock music also draws attention to the bands unique set. Nothing More’s setlist was limited to seven songs and one extraordinary bass solo, they absolutely make themselves one tough act to follow. I believe that while music drives ticket sales, it’s ultimately the performance that creates new fans and keeps them coming back to see them each time.

ATREYU conquering the stage next in front of highly enthusiastic fans of theirs who have been anxiously awaiting to see them live since their much anticipated return. Beginning their set with the title track of their new album “LONG LIVE,” which was also presented on the backdrop of their stage. Ending a three-year hiatus, they made a comeback recently and released their sixth album Long Live, their first since the 2009’s, Congregation Of The Damned. Based on the material they presented off of the newest album, it is an incredible album to comeback with, and judging by the crowd response, they deserved to headline this Festival. Frontman Alex Varkatzas filled with charisma and adrenaline-fueled using every bit of his energy in this live show jumping off the stage to interact with the fans singing with them and running all around the festival grounds during their second song “Becoming The Bull”, which is a known fan favorite from Atreyu. Guitarist Dan Jacobs also putting on quite a show for the fans shredding on his bloody guitar. Tremendous amounts of energy were constant throughout their entire set coupled with incredible musicianship and fan appreciation. The insane amounts of energy and stage presence Atreyu shown was beyond exceptional. They covered Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name” which was mind blowing and one of the best covers I have ever seen put out by a band. The band themselves were out of control and there was just so much power and dominance coming from all the corners of the stage. The mosh pits  fierce and to think that the crowd was tame at all, would be a lie. It all came down to three words: LONG LIVE ATREYU, cause they are back and better then ever. The band released a new album on September 18th titled Long Live, which you need to pick up now if you haven’t already done so.

Side One Dummy Records Rock band, Superheaven (formerly Daylight) pretty much played through the songs, and did not interact too much with the crowd but they did howeverc put a great show on for the fans in attendance. Long haired guys head banging on stage with a rock and roll music filled set and very dark lit stage making for a deep dark look. There’s a warm, full sound to all of the instrumentals, which is exactly what you’d expect from the band who people consistently refer to as a 90’s revival band. Obviously the 90’s influences are abound, but I think it’s important to realize how thoroughly modern they sound at the same time. Superheaven don’t need to rely on the nostalgia people have for bands of the past to succeed. It’s clear they have the chops to hold their own.

Pop Evil bursting onto the stage with “Deal With The Devil” as fans erupt into screams of excitement as vocalist Leigh Kakaty takes the stage with a huge smile on his face as he looked out unto the crowd of 50,000 people.  Pop Evil put on an electrifying show full of energy filling the stage with such a great amount of musicianship and very strong stage presence. Throughout the set, frontman Leigh Kakaty prowled the stage, fueling the crowd, and driving the tempo of the show with his powerful vocals. Behind him, drummer Josh “Chachi Riot” Marunde attacked the drum kit propelling each song with his own signature furious attack. Bassist Matt DiRito kept his low-end rumble in sync with ChaChi Riot as his long majestic hair shook all over the place as he head banged, while guitarists Nick Fuelling and Dave Grahs delivered a stream of melodic riffs, and shredding guitar solos.  Pop Evil has been dominating Active Rock radio for the last several years, so it came at no surprise when the entire crowd was singing along to every single word to every single song! Closing out their set with the power-packed track, “Trenches” with a huge roaring applause from the fans!
Century Media’s Female Fronted Los Angeles Metal band, Butcher Babies destroying the Tent Stage with an insane show. Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey take full control of the crowd commanding their full attention with their not only their good looks but their extreme talent on the mic. Along with bassist Jason Klein, guitarist Henry Flury, as well as drummer Chris Warner have worked hard to develop their own sound which has Thrash Metal roots and incorporates modern Metalcore. Every member in this band put on their own show within their Butcher Babies set. The best way to describe a Butcher Babies set is pummeling. There is no let-down, no calm between the storms. Every song is as in-your-face as possible. Butcher Babies being one of two female fronted acts on the Rock Allegiance Festival they had to stand their grounds and prove that females can do metal music to the naysayers. Heidi jumping down into the crowd at one point during their set to sing with the fans on the barricade which excited them all. Butcher Babies is not a band to fuck with they will cut you up with their music if you don’t like their sound cause they are a badass band with an explosive sound and an energy filled set.
 Atlantic Records own Alternative Rock/Metal band, In This Moment taking the fog filled stage as two females dress in body suits entered the stage with masks before Maria Brink takes the stage with her big black hat and attire. Seductively opening with “The Infection” captivated the crowd with their magic as they moved into the glamorously heavy track “Sick Like Me.” Then being caught in the web of “Black Widow” before a quick costume change. Then Entering the stage again to a pink podium with pink balloons and dazzled in sparkling pink and silver attire for “Sex Metal Barbie.” Frontwoman Maria Brink, along with a couple masked dancers, kept all eyes forward and center with a sexy rock show that brought crunching guitars from band co-founder Chris Howorth. Supporting the band was the rhythm section of bassist Travis Johnson and drummer Tom Hane, as well as more guitars from Randy Weitzel. Brinks vocals range from beauty to guttural and back, but this perfectly fits the songs and the image of the band. Maria best known for her unique vocals that can be best described as sing screams, and her theatrical stage setup with costume changes throughout the set. Maria singing these emotion filled songs which you can feel the emotion and darkness by just listening to them and the way she sings them live. It truly makes a bold statement hearing the songs and seeing them perform live you can just visualize and hear the emotions hidden behind the songs. Going into “Big Bad Wolf” Heavy and irresistible, the track had Brink heavily dancing along while Howorth, Weitzel, Johnson, and Hane handled the instrumentals as Maria’s two dancers were in wolf masks dancing aside her as she was caged into a chained cage. Then, after being caged in, Brink broke out of those chains, ready to sing the lyrics to the self-empowering hit “Whore.” Although at times the fog was a bit extensive it made for a unique look to their stage setup along with the grunge carnival look on the backdrop.
Columbia Record’s own Rock/Metal band and one of UK’s biggest names, BRING ME THE HORIZON exploded onto the stage with their new single and what will be the anthem of the fall “Happy Song” catchy opening song from the band’s recently released fifth studio album, That’s the Spirit released via Columbia Records on September 11th, 2015  in which the lyrics literally encourage audience participation. Oliver Sykes wasted no time, launching into their “Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake” which got the crowd rowdy, with frontman Oli Sykes hyping up the crowd saying: “Push It Back, Push It Back” to begin a wall of death. Personally we have followed BMTH for quite some time now and to see them perform in front of 50,000 people at a sold out PPL PARK was breathtaking. Their setlist included a mix of songs from their fourth studio album released in 2013, Sempiternal along with a bunch of tracks off their newest release, That’s The Spirit. Oli doesn’t have a moment of rest – he ricochets across the stage, raising his arms to the sky as if asking the crowd to ascend with him. Bring Me the Horizon is a band that can command an audience with an explosive show throughout their entire set, which they most certainly did. Closing out their set with a very well known song titled “Drown” which is currently conquering the airwaves on Radio Stations and TV’s throughout the world. Oliver Sykes appeared completely submerged in his performance with ear tingling emotion in his delivery and sincere facial reactions. Their crowd was massive, which was a testament to the cult like following they have built during their expansive careers. BMTH connect with their fans on many different levels from their emotion filled lyrics to the energy they inject into their live shows which set them apart from many other bands.
Eleven Seven Music’s own Alternative Rock band, Papa Roach bursted onto the stage with the title track “Face Everything And Rise” off their latest album, Face Everything And Rise. Papa Roach took to the stage and delivered a power packed set that kept the energy flowing throughout sold out stadium. Their backdrop, is a starry night with silhouettes of mountains on the bottom, much like the cover of Papa Roach’s newest album, “F.E.A.R.” Not only did the band sound crisp, but age seems to have taken no toll on guitarist Jerry Horton and bassist Tobin Esperance as both seemed to defy gravity with their movements, not to mention Horton’s back-bending arch during some shredding riffs.  Combined with the hard hitting drum work of Tony Palermo, Papa Roach was on fire and showed no sign of extinguishing the flame any time soon. Every time I see Papa Roach they only seem to better themselves as musicians. One memorable moment from Papa Roach’s set was when Maria Brink from In This Moment graced the stage to perform their duet “Gravity” in which Maria was dressed in a white flowing dress in which she used to wrap Jacoby up with throughout their duet. Papa Roach has the infectious songs that everyone knows and can sing along to throughout their set whether it be an old or new song, there is one for every fan to love.
Interscope’s Hip Hop, Rock/Metal Band, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD take the stage in their signature attire equip with their signature masks covering their face. Launching right into a big hit of their’s titled “Undead” which immediately the crowd began screaming the lyrics and jumping around to in excitement. After some lineup changes, the masked men now consist of Jorel “J-Dog” Decker on rhythm and bass guitar, keyboards, synth, and programming, Matthew “Da Kurlzz” Busek on drums and percussion, George “Johnny 3 Tears” Ragan on bass guitar, Jordan ”Charlie Scene” Terrell on lead guitar, and Daniel “Danny” Murillo, on keyboards and rhythm guitar. Only Dylan “Funny Man” Alvarez stays behind the mic stand, the band’s energy was contagious as they took the stage.  Hollywood Undead has revived the unusual but powerfully popular hybrid that Linkin Park claimed earlier, though their version comes with more jokes and hockey masks. The Nostalgia in the tent for this band was insane. Hollywood Undead will always be the face of what we call Rap-Rock today.
Eleven Seven Music/Prospect Parks’s own Heavy Metal Rock Band, Five Finger Death Punch taking the stage to close out their GOT YOUR SIX tour this day at Rock Allegiance. Yes this is indeed the show you heard about in most of the media this week where Ivan Moody (Frontman of 5FDP) said “Fuck Kayne West” and had the crowd chant about it. Okay, Now that, that is out of the way and said lets go into their performance, taking the stage to an elaborate stage setup with an exclusive unique mic to 5FDP for Ivan Moody. Certainly having a great deal to live up to after the bands before them, Five Finger Death Punch have never been one to back down from any challenge throughout their careers.  Enthralling the crowd from the very first note, they kicked off their set with the ever popular “Lift Me Up.” Also putting a high value on the future of Metal, the band brought a younger audience member (This time was @AydenRocks824 who loves Heavy Metal and rocked out to all the bands throughout the day) on stage once again to recognize them and encourage their love for the music with the song “Burn MF.” The band very interactive with the crowd and each other making for an incredible show filled with talented musicianship. 5FDP is a band you need to see live cause Ivan Moody’s vocals are incredible live even better then the recorded stuff, and all the members in the band are unique to themselves and put on their own show during the 5FDP show.
The ecstatic response of the crowd as the lights dimmed proved that the next band coming to the stage was not only an incredible rock band but a iconic band who has been around for awhile and still draw in massive crowds and cause huge mosh pits. Taking the stage, KORN. The entire venue roared in excitement when they spotted the Korn members,  Jonathan Davis (vocals/ bagpipes), James “Munky” Shaffer (guitar), Brian “Head” Welch (guitar/backing vocals), Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu (bass), and Ray Luzier, sitting at the iconic Korn drum kit. Candles illuminated the venue complete with a backdrop of the album’s controversial cover art. The threatened and “hanged” girl on the swing framed the album’s intention of depicting a harsh childhood reality of abuse, drugs and bullying, which came to define the ’90s. Korn opened with game-changing chart-topper “Blind,” which set the pace for the hour long performance. Ending out their set with everyones favorite Korn song “Freak On A Leash.”
Following KORN, it was time for the Zombie to haunt the stage!  Rob Zombie taking The stage which was filled with big, black-and-white photos of classic Universal Studios characters such as the Wolf Man and Frankenstein’s monster, the backdrop was King Kong clutching Fay Wray, and his microphone stands were custom chrome statues of Nosferatu. Risers that had lots of meaningful words listed across them. Once Zombie had taken the stage, he was like a storm, jumping across the stage risers and even jumping off the stage completely to perform up close and personal with fans down in the crowd. Rob Zombie walked the barricade several times during “Never Gonna Stop” and at one point even ran out deep in the crowd to perform at the soundboard giving fans who were further back in the stadium a more personal experience. Zombie is a minor icon, a part-time film director who lets his love of horror cinema bleed into his musical persona. Rob Zombie been doing this for a long time and he still brings out the craziness we love in his sets and has an awesome time on stage doing what the fans want to continue seeing and that’s him playing his horror-metal themed music.
Overall ROCK ALLEGIANCE will be more then welcomed back next year to PPL Park with probably another sold out show but the fans will be stoked on it if there is a next year which im sure there will be after the success of this years, thank you to Live Nation Philly, Monster Energy, & every band who played for making this year such a huge success for everyone!

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