Rob Alexander Releases “Being Myself”

Rob Alexander is a pop/rock singer and songwriter from South Florida who has some MAJOR Elton John vibes. That alone says a lot! He even has the positive message that Elton brings with his newest single, “Being Myself,” off of his self titled album, Being Myself.

With lyrics like, “Without fame and fortune, baby / You just feel that there’s nothing left inside,” and “If this world is out to get me / I wont be afraid now, because I’m back in the zone / I’ve finally arrived at being myself,” Rob takes a look into who he is, without all of the materialistic things. With this track, he shows that he has conquered the fear of who is he without having physical things, because he now knows that he can finally love him for him, for just BEING HIMSELF.

Throughout the album and single, you’ll of course hear some inspo from Elton John, but you’ll also hear a lot of Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, and Leonard Cohen influences. The album even features members of Elton John’s band, guitarists Robbie Angelucci and Kevin Taylor, with production by Gabe Lopez, as well as current and former members of Frankie Valli’s (frontman of The Four Seasons) touring band.

While listening to Rob’s music, you can’t help but feel nostalgic.

And for us, feeling nostalgic makes us feel happy!

Listen to “Being Myself” below:

Listen to the rest of the album, Rob Alexander HERE:

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