Reyna Roberts Talks New Single “Stompin’ Grounds,” Mickey Guyton and Veteran Family Inspiration

Reyna Roberts; Photo Courtesy of Artist

Rising Country singer/songwriter, Reyna Roberts is blazing a trail toward success with the release of her latest single, “Stompin’ Grounds.”

“Our family is from Alabama. I didn’t live there my whole life. I lived there for many years throughout my childhood. For my song, I was looking at my parents being veterans and the culture I grew up around,” explains Reyna. “My parents had to move place to place in the military. With that being said, you had to make each place your stomping grounds. Since, I’ve lived in Alaska, California, and now Tennessee. Though my family is rooted in Alabama, I can make each place my stomping ground.”

Her parents exposed her to many artists across various genres of music: Aretha Franklin, The Chicks, Led Zeppelin, Christina Aguilera, Gretchen Wilson, Destiny’s Child, and Journey to name a few.

After the release of her new single, she received a number of support from the music community including comments from Carrie Underwood and Mickey Guyton.

“I’m not even exaggerating when I say every single day since the release has been a holy crap moment,” explains Reyna. “I’m trying my best to portray this vision. I’m just trying to make sure I do my best to stay on that path that I want to be on.”

In 2014, Reyna recorded her first song, “Lying to Myself,” illustrating a crush on the captain of her high school wrestling team. In addition to her athletic abilities and undying passion for music, Reyna is also an active volunteer within the community. She has performed to assist in fundraising efforts for organizations such as Rett Syndrome Awareness, The Wounded Warrior Project, Teen Impact Affiliates, and the Empowerment Project.

“What led me to music? That’s never even been a question for me. Ever since I was little I was determined to be a singer,” explains Reyna. “I don’t want to be a famous singer for fame. I just want to have great enough songs that lead me up to that.”

You can learn more about Reyna Roberts by connecting with her on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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