ALL THAT REMAINS talks Rock’n Derby, The Order Of Things & New Music

Hey! All That Remains. How have you guys been and what have you guys been up too? We have spent the last 5 months sorting through a ton of material to get ready to record another album this summer.  That’s…


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Posted on May 19, 2016

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Hey! All That Remains. How have you guys been and what have you guys been up too?

We have spent the last 5 months sorting through a ton of material to get ready to record another album this summer.  That’s the only thing that has been going on since we got off the road right before Christmas.

What is the meaning behind the album titled, The Order Of Things? 

I’m not the best guy in the band to be describing meanings to album or song titles but I do believe I heard Phil at one point say, “The Order Of Things was just another way of saying ‘this is how things are, so deal with it.’”  That’s the simplest way I heard him put it.

What is on the album cover and what is the meaning behind it?

The album cover I cannot explain at all!  I’m sorry but that is definitely a Phil question. I probably have the least to do with artwork and stuff like that. 

Can fans expect any new music from All That Remains in 2016 being we haven’t heard anything new in over a year?

Fans can definitely expect us to record a new album this year! As far as what gets released and when, it’s still up in the air.  We’re just really excited to get in and work on some new songs.

Phil said “No Knock” & “This Probably Won’t End Well” represent the full album in an interview with Loudwire. Why do you feel that these two songs represent the entire album?

Phil saying “No Knock” and “This Probably Won’t End Well” represent our entire last album is something I would agree with.  In my opinion, those two songs are very opposite style wise. Variety has always been our goal on every album.  Those 2 songs to me represent the extreme opposites style wise and the whole rest of the album would fall into the middle of those two songs as far musical versatility goes.  We don’t mind having a death metal song, a melodic metal song, a hard rock song, and a pop like ballad on the same record.  There never has been any rules or limitations for us style wise and I’m pretty sure there never will be.

How would you say ATR has improved as a band with the newest addition of Aaron Patrick (formerly of Bury Your Dead and Devildriver)

I think having Aaron as a new addition just brings a lot of extra energy to the band.  I think it will be noticed live the most.  Anyone who has ever seen him perform with Bury Your Dead knows that he’s a blast to watch live.  Plus, having a new person in the band brings a totally different writing style to the table, as well. Hopefully, that will come through on some of the new stuff.

Any tour plans in the works or upcoming for ATR in 2016?

No full tour plans for 2016 at the moment.  Looks like it will be some scattered festivals throughout the year but we’ll see.  Like always, though, once the record is released the touring will hopefully be nonstop like it usually is.

You guys are playing Rock’N Derby this month on May 21st, 2016 with some awesome bands like A Day To Remember, Halestorm, Anthrax, and We Came As Romans. What are you most looking forward to at Rock’N Derby and is there any bands you are looking forward to seeing? 

The lineup for Rock n Derby is really great!  I’m really looking forward to seeing Sebastian Bach and Extreme the most.  We rarely get to play shows with bands like that and they are both on the same stage as us.  If you would have told me that was happening when I was 14 I would have lost my mind with excitement!

What can fans expect from your set at Rock’N Derby?

Fans can expect just a lot of raw energy and singing along from our set.  One of the great things about these festivals is just having that many people enjoying themselves and watching them freak when we play their favorite songs.

Anything else fans can expect from All That Remains in the near future? Also anything we haven’t chatted about that you wish to mention in this interview?

As of right now, just keep an eye out for some of the festivals we will be on throughout the year. Also, keep an eye out for some announcements once the new music starts taking shape.  We are recording our 8th record. Not many bands are lucky enough to do this for that long so thank you to everyone who keeps allowing us to do this. We really appreciate it!


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