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Red Skies Mourning Release “Signs From You”

Red Skies Mourning (Chris Aleshire) is an indie rock multi-talented one-man-band from Maryland who explores his emotions while still embracing melodic hooks with a mix of modern rock n’ roll.

His debut single, “Signs From You,” tells a compelling story about an unsuccessful rescue search, with lyrics that unpack heart-wrenching guilt.

Chris told us that he works as an engineer for a major cloud software company. and that one of his customers daughters went missing. “They searched for her for 4 days until they found her body. She committed suicide. When I spoke to him [the customer] about it, he made a blog about seeing signs from her from the day she went missing, and continues to see them that she’s okay,” shared Chris. “Putting myself in his shoes and also having had close friends commit suicide, people tend to push things off, be more self absorbed, not seeing or noticing friends in need.”

With lyrics like, “You wore so well, that face of stone,” and “This emptiness I feel inside just won’t fade away,” the track describes the mindset of thinking “what if” and “what could I have done?,” while also trying to recognize that the person is in a better place now, even if the guilt doesn’t seem to go away.

For Chris, the track extends to the friends that he personally lost. “We think in the moment sometimes about ourselves and never see the signs from friends in need,” he shared. Despite the heartbreaking lyrical content, the song still offers hope and a strong message, stating that we should take the initiative to reach out to those we care for and love.

Being a US Marine Corps Veteran, Chris made this track for suicide awareness and PTSD.

Following “Signs From You,” Red Skies Mourning’ plans to release his EP, Misguided By Fate, sometime in 2021.

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Listen to some of “Signs From You” below:

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