Punk Goes 90’s Volume 2 (Album Review)

Punk Goes 90's ( FEARLESS RECORDS )Punk Goes 90’s Volume 2 is the newest addition to the Punk Goes family joining it’s predecessor Punk Goes 90’s, along with Punk Goes Crunk, Punk Goes Pop, Punk Goes Metal and many others. The compilation was released April 1st under Fearless Records and is currently available for download as well as streaming on Fearless’ YouTube channel. Punk Goes 90’s Volume 2 covers more of the 90’s artists we know, love, and grew up with including: Stone Temple Pilots, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, and Green Day just to name a few! All of the tracks stay true to the originals, but at the same time putting a more ‘modern’ spin on them, and each artist making the songs their own. Tracks You NEED to Hear There are a handful of tracks on this album that stood out either due to the original spin that was put on them or how similar they were to the originals. It was hard to pick just a few as the entire album was phenomenal. Asking Alexandria covering Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer” kept the same sensual and sexy feel, but molded it to their style with deep growls and screams. It may even battle the original for the more sexy vibe and video. Come on, who doesn’t love a hot chick waiting in bed for you? Those boys from across the pond nailed it! I was extremely nervous to hear The Color Morale’s cover of the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” simply because it’s such a classic, and a staple of 90’s rock. There was no need to fret, as always the boys delivered. The chorus; you can almost hear frontman Garret Rapp channeling Dave Grohl, which can’t be an easy feat as Grohl has one of the most unique and recognizable voices in rock; when you hear a Foo Fighters song you don’t question who it is because you know Grohl’s voice. When first listening to Motionless in White’s cover of Rammstein’s “Du Hast”, I had to make sure it wasn’t actually Rammstein playing some kind of weird April Fool’s joke; that’s how similar both tracks sound. Some songs don’t need to be changed much to be and remain amazing, the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ came into play here. Rammstein would be proud. All of the artists on Punk Goes 90’s Volume 2 did a wonderful job. In this day and age it’s so easy to screw up good, classic songs. Though as expected, the youngest member of the Punk Goes family does not disappoint! As someone who grew up with all of these songs and to hear them reproduced like this is nothing short of amazing with a dash of nostalgia. It’s a wonderful compilation and a great addition to one’s music collection. 

Rating 5/5- I can’t get enough of this album. Maybe because it’s basically reliving my childhood in addition to how amazing it turned out, even the artists who were “out of their element” so to speak; such as Ice Nine Kills covering Green Day’s “Good Riddance” and Falling in Reverse covering Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” really did amazing jobs. I can’t say that enough. My personal favorite was Chunk! No Captain Chunk covering “Allstar”, it was probably more the video because it was just so weird with a clown and a nun hooking up and Satan being pissed about it? Hilarious! Once again Punk Goes and Fearless delivered, and then some! Be sure to download or buy your copy today!

Stream Punk Goes 90’s Vol. 2 : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBWlr67U5NuBMEj_p7n5WT-VeZ9VhmIz 

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