Promotive Release Music Video for “Uncomfortable”

Promotive (Jacob Ortiz, Mel Torres, and AJ Padilla) is grabbing the attention of the pop punk world with their newest single, “Uncomfortable.”

The catchy and fun sounding track is all about the frustrations and feelings that come when having an argument with a friend or loved one.

With lyrics like, “Why don’t you get under my skin babe for a change? / Cause I would rather fight to be okay, then have to find a way to rearrange my life without you,” and “I’ve lost so many good things in my life, but love / I want to make you the exception,” the band expresses how fixing the situation should always outweigh the desire to simply dismiss the situation or possibly risk lose a relationship.

Constantly trying to push the envelope with their content, Promotive got creative with the music video for “Uncomfortable.”

Despite the serious message, the band decided to take a more fun approach to the video. They filmed random takes and actions inspired by popular videos in front of a green screen and sent it off to their editor, Eric Quiros, to do anything that he wanted to it. After all, the song still is about being uncomfortable, right?

“The song is about getting uncomfortable and being vulnerable, but the video is about being uncomfortable and being okay with it,” Mel Torres told Music Mayhem.

The results were definitely something that shocked the band, and us! We couldn’t help but smile throughout the entire thing. We even recognized a few of the videos they were inspired by. 

With the struggle of the pandemic around the globe, Promotive had to learn to quickly establish who they wanted to be and how they wanted to keep their music dreams alive. Their understanding of social media led them to produce multiple viral Tik-Toks, as well as to meet many new fans via Twitch. 

With lots of hard work and utilizing their connections, Promotive will be playing their very first live in-person performance in Anaheim, California since the pandemic, at the world-famous Chain Reaction music venue!

You can get your tickets for the show on October 15th HERE.

Watch the music video for “Uncomfortable” below:

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