Porter Robinson; Photo By Sid Moro
Porter Robinson; Photo By Sid Moro

Porter Robinson Transports Fans To The ‘Nurture’ Universe During Visually Stunning Philadelphia Concert

Porter Robinson brought his highly anticipated Nurture Tour to The Met in Philadelphia on Sunday (Oct. 17).

It’s been two (very long) years since Robinson performed in Philadelphia, and The Nurture Tour proved his fans’ loyalty as they crowded into the venue Sunday evening on Broad Street in Center City. The merchandise line wrapped around the venue since the start of the concert, with fans eager to pick up a new t-shirt with the imagery of Robinson’s Nurture era adorned on them.

Earlier this year, Robinson released his sophomore studio album, Nurture, and a whole new experience to go along with it. Nurture is an extensively immersive album that combines life experiences with a musical universe through breathtaking imagery and a striking production that made for a visually and musically stunning project.

Porter Robinson; Photo By Sid Moro
Porter Robinson; Photo By Sid Moro

Every song on the album has the power to transport listeners to a universe that Robinson has created, making it challenging to encompass these elements in a live show, but Robinson did not disappoint. 

As Robinson appeared on stage, all new visuals in the style of Nurture flashed on screen, transporting fans to the world that the music created. Imagery of lush flower fields and clouds ushered in the song “Look at the Sky” as fans erupted with cheers.

Robinson could be seen playing the piano layered with his distinct-styled vocals as the impressive graphics surrounding him changed.

The set continued as he went into “Something Comforting,” with an absolutely seamless transition. Much to the crowds’ surprise, he followed up his first two songs with “Shelter,” a widely popular song produced by Robinson and fellow producer, Madeon.

As the night proceeded, Robinson showcased other tracks off Nurture, including “Musician,” “Mother,” and “Blossom,” which he dedicated to his girlfriend. The songs were arranged in such a harmonious way that could really grasp the emotions that Robinson was trying to convey through his music.

With each song, it felt as if you were carried further into this universe within the music. Ending with the hauntingly beautiful “Goodbye to a World” brought the crowd back to their own reality as Robinson sang “I will surround you, and give life to a world, that’s our own.” The feeling throughout the crowd was revitalizing after spending the night immersed in the vibrant atmosphere that Nurture created.

Along for the ride on the Nurture tour was James Ivy and Jai Wolf, who served as support on the tour. Both artists saw increasingly excited fans throughout the night, with a buzzing energy surrounding the crowd.

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