It has been about three years since we have seen P!NK grace the stage and we were thrilled to be in attendance for her one and only east coast performance this year kicking off Atlantic City BeachFest for the 2017 Summer season. P!NK performed to a sold-out crowd of over 50,000 fans that took place directly on the sands of the Atlantic City beach. It was definitely one of the more interesting venues we have encountered, especially given the fact that you could glance directly over to your left and see the ocean waves crashing against the shore. It was beautiful, yet hot and steamy evening, however that did very little to dampen the excitement levels for the fans who patiently waited nearly three hours for our beloved P!NK to take the stage.

What was incredible to us, was despite a three year absence, once P!NK popped onto the stage it was as if no time had gone by at all. While there may have been a few technical glitches over the course of her 70 minute performance, P!NK handled them like a pro and more than proved she is an absolutely phenomenal performer. What we enjoy the most is knowing that she is real, there are no click tracks, lip-syncing or anything of that sort, what you see is what you get with P!NK and it is very refreshing. Several times throughout the show she requested that her vocals be turned up or down in her ear piece and even at one point during the show joking asked guitarist Justin Derrico to play a little longer intro so she could get in a little soundcheck before launching into a gorgeous acoustic set that included hits like “Who Knew”, “F**ckin Perfect” as well as covers of the Janis Joplin hit “Me & Bobby McGee” and the Joan Baez/Led Zeppelin gem “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave”.  P!NK’s version of “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave” is arguably one of the best cover performances we have ever seen of this particular song. She absolutely nailed it!

One of our favorite moments of the show occurred when No Doubt/DREAMCAR bassist Tony Kanal joined P!NK on stage for a cover of the No Doubt smash hit “Just A Girl” which was beautifully blended with P!NK’s own hit single “Funhouse” which was co-written with Kanal. Over the years P!NK has still continued to churn out the singles and her latest hit “Just Like Fire” which appeared in the film “Alice Through The Looking Glass” cracked the top 10 in 2016, despite the fact that her last solo LP dropped back in 2012. Her songs are truly timeless and seeing them performed live is an even bigger treat.

P!NK’s stage was perfectly dressed with a massive hot pink colored pin cushion that acted as the drum kit platform along with two huge inflatable Voodoo dolls flanking either site of the stage. Those Voodoo dolls were seriously adorable, now to just figure out where we can buy one! P!NK’s use of pyrotechnics and lighting elements was superb, she didn’t overkill it with the special effects, but there were just enough there to keep things visually enticing. P!NK, her crew of dancers and backing band keep you engaged throughout the entire performance from their incredibly well choreographed dance routines to just plain rocking out all over the stage. It is non-stop energy from beginning to end.

Always a humble artist, P!NK mentioned several times throughout the set that she truly has the best f**king fans, crew, dancers and band. She spent a lot of time interacting with them during her performance. It was also great to see that P!NK’s family was also present for the show, standing off to the side of the stage. She frequently sang a few songs in their direction and glanced over during certain select verses of various songs. In addition to interacting with her crew, P!NK also spends a lot of time interacting directly with the fans. She jokes with them, speaks to them, reads their signs, signs autographs and graciously thanked them for the stuffed animals and many other gifts that they tossed on the stage throughout the performance. It is fantastic to see an artist that is not afraid to get down and dirty with her fans and that is the type of interaction that will stay with someone for the rest of their lives. It is truly a beautiful moment to behold when artist and fan come together as one.

P!NK took some time out to be sure she gave a shout-out to the Philadelphia area fans in attendance as that is her old stomping grounds, however P!NK also pointed out that Atlantic City is actually her mother’s hometown revealing that she attended Atlantic City High School. P!NK has been known for her amazing aerial acrobatics during her live performances and she definitely shined during her closing number performing her hit single “So What” while soaring high above the beach crowd spinning and tumbling through the air. It was a visually stunning addition to her performance and the perfect way to close out her breath-taking marvelous performance.

P!NK boasts 42 million worldwide album sales, 75 million worldwide single sales, 5 billion worldwide audio streams and 3.3 billion worldwide video streams, however she still remains one of the most humble and honest musicians with have had the pleasure to enjoy. Many of her peers should take lessons as P!NK knows just how to get the party started and keep it going for many years to come.

The concert was launched with the No Doubt/AFI Supergroup, DREAMCAR who brought their high energy performance with their 80’s retro vibe onto Atlantic City’s beach getting the crowds ready for an incredible performance from headliner P!NK (Alecia Moore). DREAMCAR is a joint venture of AFI frontman Davey Havok and No Doubt members Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, and Adrian Young. A few very notable moments during their set would definitely have to be the sing-a-long during their electro-rock anthems such as “Kill For Candy,” “All The Dead Girls,” and “Show Me Mercy.” It was a very pleasing yet surprising moment to hear fans singing along to a lot of their music as the band hasn’t been around for that long but fans knew all the words. Opening up the evening was DJ DeeJay who had the perfect blend of songs to get fans blood flowing as they danced along to some of the hottest songs put out in the last 15 years from rock, pop, to rap, and hip-hop. DJ DeeJay knew how to perfect the playlist to get fans going even joining them by dancing on stage during select songs.

Check out this exclusive photo gallery from our photographer, Andrew Wendowski.

P!NK’s setlistJuly 12, 2017 (Atlantic City Beach, N.J.)
1. Get the Party Started
2. U + Ur Hand
3. Just Like a Pill
4. Trouble
5. Try
6. Just Give Me a Reason
7. How Come You’re Not Here
8. Funhouse / Just A Girl (No Doubt cover)
9. Who Knew
10. F**kin’ Perfect
11. Me and Bobby McGee (Kris Kristofferson cover)
12. Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (Joan Baez cover)
13. Sober
14. River (Bishop Briggs cover)
15. Just Like Fire
16. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
17. Raise Your Glass
18. So What

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