PINK Rocks Sold Out Hometown Show in Philadelphia with Empowering, Breathtaking, Fearless Performance

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Philadelphia welcomed home P!NK, as she brought her sold out Beautiful Trauma tour to the sold out Wells Fargo Center to showcase her impressive display of theatrics, fearless aerial aerobics, flawless choreography, dazzling production and powerfully fierce vocals. Her 21-song, hour and 45 minute set consisted of everything you could imagine to be brought out at a PINK performance from fireworks, messages of empowerment, hilarious banter, shoutouts to her family who was watching in the crowd, highly entertaining aerial aerobics, action-packed dance routines, to turning the stage into a mythical forest later in her set.

The Doylestown pop star PINK born as Alecia Moore, gave the sold out crowd at the Wells Fargo Center, one of the best shows that the city will see this year which is obvious as this show sold out within minutes of ticket on sales and was one of the first cities to sell out almost immediately. Returning back to the venue that she first played in 2000, when she was launching her touring career as she opened for N’Sync on the ‘No Strings Attached’ tour.

This performance was PINK’s first hometown show since the release of her highly anticipated album, Beautiful Trauma. Launching her set immediately as the vibrant pink curtain dropped and unveiled PINK hanging from a crystalized chandelier as she literally got the party started performing her smash hit “Get the Party Started” from her second studio album, Missundaztood. What was incredible, was that despite a three year absence from music and PINK not performing in Philadelphia since 2013 on her ‘The Truth About Love‘ tour. Once PINK took over the Wells Fargo Center stage, it was as if no time had went by at all as the fans welcomed her to her hometown with a roaring sing-a-long. PINK gave fans what they wanted including a song from pretty much her entire discography but heavily showcasing her latest Platinum album, Beautiful Trauma. Going into the title track off the album “Beautiful Trauma” as she unharnessed herself to show off her dance moves and flawless choreography. Then, powering through hits like “Just Like A Pill,” and “Who Knew,” after graciously thanking Philadelphia for selling out the venues in minutes and coming out in force. During “Who Knew,” PINKs dancers strongly showcased the emotion that is within the song.

A massive about 40-foot blowup Eminem, appeared on stage to perform their “Revenge” collaboration which fans thoroughly enjoyed.  PINK then using every inch of her heart-shaped stage, with colorful visually to accompany her performance of her hit “Funhouse” blended perfectly with No Doubt’s “Just A Girl.” Demanding that the crowd has 4-minutes to go absolutely crazy of her shockingly incredible cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” where her backing singers really were able to display their vocal abilities as PINK supported them. The lighting then illuminating a male dancer floating above the crowd suspended from black silks, picking PINK up with just his hands and no harness supports while she sang “Secrets,” this spectacular aerial routine was better than anything I have ever seen at a Cirque du Soleil show. Then, taking the crowd to a mythical forest as leaves fluttered down upon the stage and birds and foxes danced around the stage during her empowering song, “Try.”

Taking high above the crowd on a bed dressed in silks, to perform her 4x platinum Nate Ruess accompanied track, “Just Give Me A Reason.” While there may have been a few technical glitches over the course of her performance, including her bed prop getting stuck floating above her during her performance of “Just Give Me A Reason.” PINK handled them flawlessly, proving even more that she is a stunning performer. We can really appreciate that PINK actually sings live with very little tracks, no lip-syncing, what you see at a PINK performance is real, genuine entertainment from a person who you can tell thoroughly loves her job and appreciates her fans more than she can possibly explain other than through an absolutely astonishing, attention grasping, breathtaking performance.

PINK bringing the heat during her song, “Just Like Fire” which was from the original motion picture Alice Through The Looking Glass. PINK showcasing that now only can she sing but she can also rap, and perform beautifully while doing so. Fans were then treated to a video of some very strong woman including PINK herself, where you can hear PINK narrating the video saying, “We are all pink on the inside, we all bleed red, we all cry clear tears, we all put one foot in front of the other” Continuing to say “I am grateful if I kept one girl from feeling different or ugly or un-empowered” saying “I don’t want their to be gay marriage, I just want there to be happy marriage and lasting marriage” and “I want people to feel comfortable being themselves,” sharing her thoughts on topics of politics, global warming, marriage, etc going into her powerful Beautiful Trauma debut single, “What About Us.” This single brought out all 10 of her dancers for a perfectly choreographed moment of her set that we will never forget.

Then stripping her set down a bit, by having a brief conversation with fans telling them that her entire family is in the house tonight including her parents and her brother and her junior high school counselor Mrs. Kunsman from Lenape Middle School in Doylestown, PA. Giving her a modest shoutout to this guidance counselor saying, “I love you. You were the only adult who every stuck up for me in school. I love you more than you can know.” After finally spotting her in the crowd, Pink continued, “I wish every dysfunctional asshole kid would have someone like that. You’re the best! I love you.” PINK then really allowing her vocals to shine specifically during “For Now,” “Barbies,” and “I Am Here,” and “F**kin’ Perfect.” During her song “Barbies,” PINK stopped herself from crying telling fans that she cries ugly and you don’t want to see that but you could see her eyes filled with tears at one point during the song.

“It’s good to be home,” Pink said. Then joking with the crowd telling them “So, the Eagles. *Laughs* You’re Welcome” referring to Philadelphia’s Super Bowl champions, causing an immediate roaring E-A-G-L-E-S chant throughout the entire sold out crowd. Ending her set with hit after hit including “Raise Your Glass” that she performed after an absolutely moving portion of her set where she included her Vanguard acceptance speech from the MTV Video Music Awards where the fans heard her say that her 6-year-old daughter, Willow, recently told her: “I’m the ugliest girl I know. I look like a boy.” Pink then explaining that she responded by making a PowerPoint presentation that displayed images of androgynous rock stars like Michael Jackson, Annie Lennox, Prince, and David Bowie, “who carried on and waved their flag and inspired the rest of us.” She explained to her daughter that our job, “is not to change but to have other people change so they can see more kinds of beauty. And you, my darling girl, are beautiful.” With that, she exploded into her 2010 hit “Raise Your Glass,” calling out “all my underdogs.” Showering the crowd in colorful confetti during “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” and bursting into the air for “So What” greeting fans throughout the entire venue from the floor to the upper levels. Ending her set with stripped down performance of “Glitter In The Air” as she changed out of her glittery, sparkling, costumes to a white t-shirt, jeans and bare feet. 

Even after all of PINKs incredible amounts of success, awards, recognition, and smash hits, She still remains one of the most humble and honest musicians to ever do it, not the mention the BEST to ever do it. PINK is a performer you don’t want to miss the chance to see live, if she is making a stop in your city on her Beautiful Trauma tour, make sure you go out and see her if you are lucky enough to be one of the fans to get their hands on a ticket for one of her highly sought after shows. One thing missing from PINK’s performance was a fan favorite song, “Sober” which would’ve been a great addition to the set but it definitley did not take away from how extraordinary her show is. PINK is really a force to be reckoned with when it comes to live performance and powerful vocal abilities as she is one of the best to ever do it and has been doing it for so many years without slowing down at all.

Check out exclusive photos from PINK’s hometown show on her Beautiful Trauma Tour, by Andrew Wendowski.

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