World Renowned San Diego, California band Pierce the Veil, played a sold-out show to an enthusiastic crowd at Theatre Of The Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA. The band is currently on tour in support of their newest album, Misadventures (via Fearless Records), which debuted at No. 4 on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart. Pierce The Veil bring along up and comers Movements and I the Mighty as their touring support on this run. Frontman Vic Fuentes, told the crowd that the band’s current tour provided a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for fans. “We’ve never played an entire album in its entirety before, But we thought you’ve waited long enough for this new music to come out and we wanted to do it this one time, So Welcome To The Misadventures Tour.” It’s always a wild show when Pierce The Veil comes to town. When promoting an album on tour, most bands play three or four new tracks of new material, but Pierce the Veil wanted to do something special for their fans and they delivered the entire Misadventures in full in sequential order. The night began with a lot of confetti which bursted onto the crowd during “Dive In” which was red to match their album cover which was very present on stage with their backdrop and even animated objects which were present in front of the bands amps.  Then playing “Texas Is Forever,” “The Divine Zero,” “Floral & Fading,” & “Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed.” Before going into their more meaningful track “Circles” which was written themed off the awful Bataclan massacre in Paris which Vic says he was a heavy weight on his shoulders he couldn’t stop thinking of when writing this album.  (Read Our Interview with Tony Perry Where He Discusses This) “Today I Saw The Whole World” began acoustically before the entire band exploded onto the stage to finish it out with a burst of streamer showering the crowd. Pierce the Veil fans are very loyal to the band and they screamed the lyrics to the new songs as if they were old favorites that have been out for awhile. These songs have only been out for a few weeks and every fan in attendance knew the words and were singing along all night long. Then playing “Gold Medal Ribbon,” “Bedless,” “Sambuka,” & one of my personal favorite off the album Misadventures, “Song for Isabelle.” Pierce The Veil then exiting the stage as their fans demanded more screaming for ONE MORE SONG, the band then reentering the stage and frontman Vic Fuentes says “We couldn’t leave you guys without playing a few old songs” going into “Bulls In The Bronx” and fan favorite “King For The Day,” which ended with an explosion of red & white confetti which showered the fans and leaving the TLA colored to match their album cover.  If you can only just imagine how explosive the energy was during the encore of those older tunes from their hit album, Collide With The SkyMisadventures is definitely an album that will take Pierce The Veil to heights they haven’t yet seen which is incredible cause Pierce The Veil is already pretty high up. No matter where the band performs, fans will always show up and when you see Pierce the Veil live your mind will be blown cause they never fail to give their all and put on one of the best live shows you will ever see which is made known as their tickets for this tour sold out in seconds.  Pick up their new album Misadventures at: www.PierceTheVeil.net Photo By: Andrew Wendowski Photography (@AWendowskiPhoto)

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