Ayleo and Mateo Bowles or better known as Ayo & Teo, have been taking over the internet and radio stations throughout the U.S. lately with their smash hit singles. The Ann Arbor, Michigan brothers have built a rabid following online since the release of their YouTube videos dancing to popular songs in which they challenged fans to post a video doing their best take on the dance moves. Ayo & Teo made their Hot 100 debut with the track “Rolex” debuting at #20 on the Billboard Charts. The song it currently sits high on the Billboard charts and they recently just released a new single titled “Better Off Alone” which is guaranteed to secure them another top spot on the Billboard charts.  Their set opening up the Main Stage (Hot 100 Stage) at Hot 100 Fest was definitley a force to be reckoned with as their dance moves and their dancers moves are ones to see. Their set was more then just a concert but an entertaining performance filled with their unique stylish dance routines. Not to mention their clothing style was very fashionable which as they mentioned in our interview they are “addicted to shopping” and their fashion sense definitley shines in their outfit choices.

Ayo & Teo spoke with us at Billboard Hot 100 Festival about their track “Rolex” and how it came about, The story behind their masks on stage, and a jeweler that tried to sell them fake Rolex watches. Check out that interview, HERE.

Get “Rolex” here: http://smarturl.it/Rolex

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