Philadelphia shows their outpouring Love & Support to All Time Low

All Time Low

Roughly 30 minutes before All Time Low took the stage, a member of their personnel came to the microphone to explain the delay in their schedule as they were supposed to go on at 9pm but did not take the stage until about 9:45pm. He explained that something happened earlier in the evening to affect the band, but assured that it was unrelated to any recent tragedies or threats seen on the news by stating “We just ask that first, you be patient with the band. And second, when they do come out, we ask that you give them all the love and support you can when they take the stage tonight.” the bands spokesman explained. All Time Low did take the stage although it may have been several minutes late, I commend them for even taking the stage as I soon found out that their close friend and fellow musician Jason Gaviati (touring musician for Lindsey Stirling) past away several hours before their set, losing his battle with Cancer. I understand it was very hard to take the stage that night but they did it and they blew the fans minds as per usual. Beginning their set from behind a huge white curtain with star sparkling lights shined through as ATL played “Satellite” to open their 18-song setlist as the fans overjoyed showed ATL the love and support they needed with screaming joys. 

Alex Gaskarth on vocals and guitar, Jack Barakat on lead guitar, Zack Merrick on bass and Rian Dawson on drums. After performing their hits “A Love Like War” and “Lost In Stereo,” Gaskarth took a moment to address the audience. “We fucking missed you Philly, sorry for keeping you waiting. Thank you for being so understanding,” said the vocalist. He referred to the bands’ Maryland roots, saying, “We’re from Baltimore, which is about an hour away, so we feel like we’re home when we’re here.” All Time Low broke up the energetic set with three acoustic songs, starting with “Cinderblock Garden.” Gaskarth then gave the audience a choice between two All Time Low songs, “Therapy” or “Remembering Sunday.” Then expressing what the next song is about Alex stated “This song goes out to anyone struggling with something right now, anyone going through something, anyone in pain, anyone hurting,” as the start of “Missing You.” flooded the venue “Just know that it will get better. You can come out of whatever you’re going through, much stronger and much better for it. We’re all here for you. We’re all just a big family here tonight.” Gaskarth and Barakat carried on their typical banter between songs being comedic as usual giving the fans what they wanted as the fans showed the their outpouring love and support as they needed. 

The band then mentioning being 12 years together as All Time Low, thanking fans profusely for allowing such a thing to be possible for them stating “I gotta say man, you guys are making us feel good tonight. We love you guys so much, thank you. Every time we come to this beautiful city, you guys always take good care of us,” Gaskarth said throughout the night. “I just want to say one more time, thank you for being understanding of us coming on a little late. We received some very heavy news today, and I’m not going to go into details, but it was a tough night for us to come out on stage and do this. So thank you so fucking much for being amazing,” Gaskarth expressed. The band then launched into the last song of their set, “Old Scars/Future Hearts.” All Time Low returned for a three song encore of “Kids In The Dark,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” and “Dear Maria,” accompanied by large inflated beach balls and yellow and blue heart shaped confetti. “We’ll see you soon. Take care of each other out there. Spread love. We’ll see you. Let’s get crazy,” said Gaskarth before “Dear Maria” then exiting the stage. 

“We cannot think of a better way to end our year, so thank you, thank you guys so much,” -Alex Gaskarth

“We decided to end the tour in some of our favorite cities,” -Jack Barakat

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