Pearl Jam is a few weeks into their North American headlining tour across the U.S. and throughout Canada. It began back on April 8, and will run continuously throughout the summer until August 22, making stops at several arenas and stadiums. On Thursday April 28th, Pearl Jam made their stop into Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center for Sold Out night 1 of 2 nights in Philly. Their 31-song approximately 3 hour set Thursday night at the sold-out Wells Fargo Center, was one for Philadelphia’s Music History; This being their ninth sold out show in South Philadelphia making Pearl Jam history known to Philadelphians. Their setlist which is different each night of the tour and handwritten by Pearl Jam themselves each night giving the fans a completely different experience at every show and not allowing them to know which song is to be played next. This is something not many bands could do but Pearl Jam being a huge name in the music industry for quite some time now they have quite the discography to choose from making each show exclusive to itself.

There has been many of memorable performances along the way to Pearl Jam’s set at The Sold Out Wells Fargo Center on April 28th, 2016. As Eddie Vedder listed off some of the milestones in Pearl Jam’s Philadelphia History like closing down The Spectrum on Halloween of 2009, launching the Inaugural Made In America Festival in 2012, but it was the intimate set at JC Dobbs on July 12th, 1991 in Philadelphia that had Eddie reminiscing the most. Eddie always seems to have a strong grasp on the emotions of many of the fans present. It’s a talent that has a lot to do with his many years of experience, but also just as much to do with a discography filled with so many songs that have soundtracked the lives of many.

This night came with not one but two encore’s filled with about 8 songs each. Beginning the first Encore with a statement saying “I think this is a first.  We have had some people meet at shows. Actually, I think in Italy at least one couple conceived their child at a show.  But tonight I hear that Pat and Eden got married up in Suite 25” dedicating the next song to them and congratulating them. ““I tried to find the most romantic song I could for you.” then performing “Picture In A Frame” Eddie Vedder looking at them as he serenaded the couple with this song acoustically, as well as the couple being featured on the big screens for most if not all of the song as the audience cheered as they kissed at the closing verse of the song. Performing 30 of the 31 songs towards the majority of the audience facing the stage then turning to the audience seated behind the stage to perform one song for them facing them, that song being “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town.” Ending Encore number two with “Indifference” as Eddie is present upon the barricade singing close to the fans and holding their hands as he performed the song as well as Mike playing guitar in the pit and allowing fans to touch guitar and strum a few chords with him. Eddie even has a Rocky shirt on as well as during their performance of “State Of Love And Trust” he received a gift from a fan, which was an American Flag Robe which he wore proudly over his Rocky T-shirt showing his appreciation for Philadelphia.

This Pearl Jam show was definitely a incredible, flawless night filled with talent in so many ways. Eddie Dedicating songs to many of people and having a marriage happen right at the show. The show was definitely one that everyone will remember forever, closing out their 9th sold out show in Philadelphia and getting ready to wow the crowd for night two tomorrow night (April 29th, 2016). I would definitely say to get out and check out Pearl Jam on the remaining tour dates on this run and future runs as they are a band that was give you what you want a set filled with all your favorite songs, give one hell of a performance and wow you every time. Twenty-one visits after that initial Philadelphia show, Pearl Jam still has that music and performance that wow’s the crowd making them come back for more. Who knows what the band will perform tomorrow (April 29th, 2016) when they close out their two-night stand at the Wells Fargo Center! The only thing we know is that it will be very different from tonights show.

Pearl Jam’s 31 Song Setlist



Gonna See My Friend

All Night

Mind Your Manners

Low Light


Love Boat Captain (Dedicated to Joshua as Eddie stated “this is for Joshua, he is nine. There is a great organization called “Given To Live” that made it possible for him to be here.”)

Given To Fly


In The Moonlight

In My Tree



Unthought Known (Dedicated to Ashley)

Do The Evolution

Lightning Bolt


Encore One

Picture In A Frame (Dedicated to the newlyweds “Pat and Eden”)

Angie (About 40 seconds of the song)


Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns

Why Go

Got Some


Encore Two

Save You

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

Crazy Mary

State Of Love And Trust


F***in’ Up


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