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Pale Lady Release Music Video for “Lost and Found”

Pale Lady is an alternative pop rock quartet (Conall D Ryan, Sam Higham, Jack Shalders Taylor, and Sam Minot) from Wellington, New Zealand who are starting 2021 off right with their energized new single and music video for Lost and Found.” The up-tempo track is even accompanied by a fun energy video with sense of humor.

The guys found this song as an opportunity to try and make the most out of a top-class recording studio. “We recorded the track at Roundhead Studios in Auckland New Zealand which provided us with numerous musical toys to play with,” says the drummer of the band, Sam.

“Before hitting the studio, “Lost and Found” was a song that was fairly complete, but we left lots of room for creative ideas to take place as part of the recording process. What we ended up with was a song fueled by an emotional message and the fun creative energy we had while recording it.”

Despite the fun video, the track stands for something deeper. It’s actually an exaggerated interpretation of situation that Conall (bass/vocals) was in. “I’m an emotional boy who says emotional things,” he shared.

With lyrics like, “I don’t wanna be emotionless / Emotionless, just how you want me to be,” and “You hold me close you push me away, all antithetical,” “Lost and Found” is all about being with someone when they don’t really care about how you feel. You know, when you feel like someone is interested in you, but then they go away without any explanation, but despite that, you stay with them anyway.

Whether it be a love interest or friend, it’s safe to say a lot of us have been there.

After opening for international bands such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Haken, releasing five singles and an EP with critical acclaim so far, Pale Lady are not stopping when it comes to their musical goals anytime soon.

Watch the music video for “Lost and Found” below:

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