Ozzy Osbourne and Producer Andrew Watt; Photo Courtesy of @thisiswatt on Instagram
Ozzy Osbourne and Producer Andrew Watt; Photo Courtesy of @thisiswatt on Instagram

Ozzy Osbourne’s Producer Andrew Watt Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Ozzy Osbourne’s producer Andrew Watt has tested positive for COVID-19, Coronavirus. Watt revealed his diagnosis via a lengthy post on Instagram, which he told fans “12 days ago, early morning of March 6th, I started feeling like I was hit by a bus. I couldn’t move out of my bed for days and started to run a fever.”

“Yesterday I was given the results that I am positive for COVID-19. I wanted to tell you all about my journey getting here in an effort to bring awareness to the severity of what’s happening in the world,” Andrew Watt continued to explain in his post.

He says that Tamiflu and Tylenol didn’t stop “the chills, sweats, and fevers” and that he “started to become delusional and then began the dry cough.”

After trying several methods of medication and such, Watt says he “begged” for a COVID-19 test, but was turned down because of “federal regulations.”

He told fans that as of today (March 17) he is “laid out in bed chugging Gatorade and using an oxygen machine to give my lungs as much relief as possible.”

“I am 29 years old. I am a healthy young man and I am going to get through this no matter what. I am going to make a full recovery,” he expressed. “But… there are so many people in my life and in the world that could possibly not get through this due to their age and/or a compromised immune system… this is why I am writing this post. I can’t stress this enough… This is not a joke. Stay inside, stay sanitized.”

Read his full statement below:

Watt has worked with artists such as Cardi B, Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne.

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