Ozzy Osbourne Exceeds Expectations With Brilliant New Album ‘Ordinary Man’

The day is finally here and Ozzy Osbourne’s new album Ordinary Man has just dropped and it definitely does not disappoint. This is the album that Ozzy fans have been waiting for and he has more than delivered.

Recorded in Los Angeles, the album features producer Andrew Watt on guitars, Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses) on bass and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums. Beyond the core band, Ordinary Man features a whos-who of Ozzy friends and collaborators including Elton John, Slash, Post Malone, and Tom Morello.

Ordinary Man marks Ozzy’s first solo music in nearly ten years and the ten tracks that make up the album is some of Ozzy’s best work to date. It is apparent that he has put a ton of heart and soul into the making of this album and it shines. With all the news headlines these days regarding Ozzy’s health and well-being, one needs to remember this man’s stellar musicianship as one of rock music’s most iconic vocalists is still very much alive and well, that much is certainly proven with the release of this album for anyone that had any doubts.

The album is chock full of searing guitar riffs and punk rock edginess which is featured on tracks such as “Goodbye”, “Scary Little Green Men” and the album closer “It’s A Raid (feat. Post Malone)” and gorgeous ballads such as the album’s title track “Ordinary Man” which features vocals and piano by Ozzy’s dear friend Elton John, “All My Life” and “Holy For Tonight” which has a haunting instrumental arrangement paired with Ozzy vocals. There is also a healthy dose of straight-up metal with tracks such as “Eat Me”, “Under The Graveyard” and the album-opening track “Straight To Hell”.

The songs are all full of raw emotion and the album features a certain level of intensity as we see Ozzy digging deeper into his legacy and taking a glimpse into his own mortality. Hats off to album producer and co-writer Andrew Watts, who also played a huge part in creating this album while keeping Ozzy’s musical legacy very much intact.

The music that Ozzy has created with the album feels more like the beginning of a new era for our favorite Prince Of Darkness, rather than the end. He is showcasing a new vulnerability and despite the bleakness there is still a message of hope at the end of the day. On the title track, Ozzy sings “truth is, I don’t want to die an ordinary man” and we say … Ozzy Osbourne you will always be far away from being just an ordinary man and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

You can purchase the new album now, HERE.

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